• Corus chooses Dyneema®

    Round slings made with Dyneema® deliver easier safer more cost-effective operations

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  • Andromeda chooses Dyneema®

    Greek Aquaculture company Andromeda chooses cage nets made with Dyneema®

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  • Dyneema® Diamond Technology

    The most cut resistant fiber in the world

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  • Dyneema® in Law Enforcement

    Dyneema® is with you on the front line in helmets, vests, shields

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Our strong, flexible and durable Dyneema® formats are truly with you when it matters for a wide range of applications from ropes, lines and nets to life protection applications, performance textiles, composites and laminates.

Our applications

Life Protection

Dyneema Image Military and Law Enforcement

Dyneema® in Life Protection


Aquaculture nets made with Dyneema®

Dyneema® in nets

Tapes and Composites

Air Cargo Containers with Dyneema®: super-strong, ultra light-weight

Dyneema® in composites and laminates