• Commercial Fishing with Dyneema®

    Protecting your fish. Safeguarding your future

  • Dyneema® and Loch Duart present

    Sustainable solutions for salmon farming

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  • Andromeda chooses Dyneema®

    Greek Aquaculture company Andromeda chooses cage nets made with Dyneema®

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  • Dyneema® in Wild Catch

    New Zealand gear maker helps deep-sea trawlers slash fuel costs and boost productivity

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Commercial Fishing

To feed the booming world population in the next 50 years we will need to produce as much food as has ever been produced in the history of mankind. It’s a scary thought, and fish will be essential to making this goal a reality. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization thinks demand for fish will double in the coming years. How can the commercial fishing industry meet this demand?

The answer is more sustainable fishing techniques that optimize your catch and production, cost less money (and fuel) and are kinder overall to the environment – both in farm-raised and wild-caught environments. Through a family of next-generation nets and ropes that are strong, light and flexible, Dyneema® is helping the industry achieve all these things and more.

Dyneema® in Commercial Fishing

Wild Catch

Wild Catch with Dyneema®

Dyneema® in applications for wild catch; lighter gear for faster more fuel-efficient boats.