• Dyneema® in maritime applications

    Secure, fast and safe

  • RCCL chooses Dyneema®

    Mooring the world’s largest cruiseship is safe and simple using ropes with Dyneema®

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  • Dyneema® in LNG

    LNG tanker tie-ups made faster, safer and easier

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  • Dyneema® in tugging

    Ropes with Dyneema®; The linking pin for push combinations

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The maritime industry is a demanding one. That is why operators need the strongest, most reliable and easy-to-use equipment for mooring and tugging.

On a weight-for-weight basis Dyneema® fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, which makes it strong enough to take the highest loads. On the other hand it is lightweight while still being silky smooth and easy to handle. The result: Faster operations that reduce time and money. 

Ropes and lines made with Dyneema® are also safer: In the unlikely event of a rope break, the rope retracts in linear fashion without the danger of backlash or snaking. This linear effect protects the operators for any from severe injuries. And did we mention that they last at least twice as long as steel and other synthetic ropes?

Dyneema® in Maritime


Mooring Lines with Dyneema®: secure, fast and safe

Dyneema® in applications for mooring; strong, flexible and durable lines for maritime use.


Towropes with Dyneema®: easy-to-handle, safe and durable

Dyneema® in applications for tugging; towropes take the weight.