Radar Communications

Communications: It’s on our radar

Now the world’s strongest radome is invisible to microwaves. Introducing radomes with Dyneema®.

Maximize performance of your antenna and radar. Only with Dyneema®.

How do you design a radome that does not compromise the performance of your antenna or radar system? It needs to offer reliable protection, with zero signal loss.

Dyneema® is a new material for radomes. It is transparent to microwaves, and extraordinarily strong and light. Which means you can realize the full potential of the radar:
• Reach maximum range
• See more detail
• Identify smaller objects
• Receive weak signals
• Military, Civil & Telecoms applications

Our services

Materials expertise and advice. Our scientists and application engineers are the world’s leading experts in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

Solution engineering
Design advice. Consultation for engineering the total radome solution.

Manufacturing and supply

Dyneema® is available in many product forms for radomes, based on bonded tape, UD and (coated) fabric. Dyneema® is available in bonded tape UD and coated frabric.

Stats & Facts

Comparison of Dielectric Constant

Comparison of Dielectric Constant

Comparison of Loss Tangent

Comparison of Loss Tangent

Comparison of Specific Tensile Strength

Comparison of Specific Tensile Strength

What others think

“Sheets of Dyneema® ST17 can be made very thin, whilst maintaining strength and flatness..and it is surprisingly cost-effective.”

Dr. David Hayes

Managing Director Plasma Antennas