Innovation with Dyneema®

As you’d expect from the people who invented Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, innovation is woven into the fabric of the DSM business. That ultimately means creating products and services that improve people’s quality of life.

Increasingly, we’re finding that innovation is not just about great ideas and state-of-the-art facilities (although they help). It’s about the way we look at the world, assess emerging trends, challenges and opportunities…and then find ways to react in a commercially viable way. For example, it was this approach that led to a completely new business model through the Dyneema® brand licensing program we now operate with select partners.

We see all innovation as open Innovation: We cannot do it alone. To this end we’ll continue to share technological and scientific developments with our partners - manufacturers, scientific and research communities, and academia - to create maximum value fast and efficiently.


Radomes with Dyneema®

It's on our radar


Performance Apparel

Hockey socks with Dyneema®

Clothing that protects


Renewable Energy

 SkySails with Dyneema®

Powering the new age of wind


Synthetic Chains 

Synthetic Chains with Dyneema®

The missing link


Open Innovation

Open innovation with Dyneema®

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