Radar Communications

Radomes with Dyneema®
Communications: It’s on our radar

From aerospace to the military to the marine industry, radar is an essential part of operations with no room whatsoever for error. That’s why Dyneema® is now being used to construct the domes - complete with electromagnetic windows - used to house radar antennae.

Our ST17 tape is so soft it feels like a fabric…and it’s resin free. And of course it’s exceptionally tough, durable and reliable. Perfect for a growing industry with a host of new demands from higher frequencies to zero-signal loss.

Stats & Facts

Comparison of Dielectric constant

Comparison of dielectric constant

Comparison of loss tangent

Comparison of loss tangent

Mechanical properties

Mechanical Properties

What others think

“Sheets of Dyneema® ST17 can be made very thin, whilst maintaining strength and flatness..and it is surprisingly cost-effective.”

Dr. David Hayes

Managing Director Plasma Antennas