Open Innovation

Open innovation with Dyneema®
Open Innovation with Dyneema®

Do you wish you could broaden your scope of innovation? Would you like to bring products to the market faster? Are you struggling with the challenge of developing ideas on a global scale?

Do you want to share ideas and experiences with other like-minded professionals? Do you have a bright idea you’d like to share with us?

How does it work?
Whatever your thoughts and ideas we’d love to hear them. We assure you that any idea you submit will receive due consideration. We’ll ensure your idea is forwarded to the right person, with the most relevant knowledge and expertise. We aim to respond within 30 days of your request: Exactly what will happen we cannot say but you can assured we’ll be open, honest and ethical in all our dealings with everyone, and especially those who are kind enough to share their thoughts and ideas with DSM.

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