Dyneema® Fiber Technology

Dyneema® yarn
They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it anyway… an even stronger fiber for when only the very strongest will do

Dyneema® Fiber Technology is exactly what you need when only the ultimate will do.

As strong and light as Dyneema® Dry Spinning Technology is, there are always situations that require more. More breaking strength. More modulus. Which is why we developed Dyneema® Fiber Technology. It’s simply an even stronger version of the original and ideal for making lines and ropes for the most demanding applications.

Dyneema® Fiber Technology is based on a wet quench gel spinning process, rather than the dry quench technology of the original. This technology is proprietary to DSM Dyneema. As with the first generation technology, Dyneema® Fiber Technology involves dissolving ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in a solvent, spinning it through a spinneret, and then gradually cooling it to create a molecular structure with a very low entanglement density. This gives an extremely high draw ratio and results in even higher benchmarks for strength, modulus and other properties than the original Dyneema®.

Typical applications
Used in sailing, maritimeoffshore and industrial applications that demand maximum breaking strength and modulus, plus, in the case of  SK78 , low creep properties as well.

Available Grades:

880 dTex

880 dTex

1760 dTex, 2640 dTex

220 dTex, 440 dTex, 1500 dTex, 1760 dTex, 2640 dTex, 5280 dTex, 7040 dTex

440 dTex, 725 dTex, 1760 dTex, 2640 dTex