Quality, consistency of supply, economic security– all of these are benefits of American-made products. How important is this when it comes to body armor and protective equipment?

Quality: With established health and safety regulations, qualified workers, manufacturing requirements, and increased oversight, our start-to-finish production process in Greenville, North Carolina results in elevated craftsmanship and care.

Consistency of Supply: When materials are not being harvested and transported across the globe, there are less opportunities for supply chain issues to arise. With backwards integrated manufacturing processes, like that of Dyneema®, there are none. This ensures product availability when and where it is needed most.

Economic Security: American-made products mean more American jobs. American jobs support local economies and create a domino effect of opportunity across the country. As the current executive administration makes a push to strengthen our country’s manufacturing base, the growth of manufacturing also leads to growth in energy and construction sectors – benefiting our country now and in the future.

For American military members, American-made has been the standard since 1941 whenever possible: including fabrics, yarns, fibers, food and more. This has helped to maintain their safety and security while upholding the stability of the textile and clothing industries in the U.S.

These requirements, now known as the Berry Amendment, were codified into law in 2002.

Police and first responder units do not have the same requirements for sourcing their materials, but the need is the same.

After all, there is simply no room for malfunction or delay when those who protect us are in need.

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is made by Americans for Americans. As the only backwards integrated HMPE manufacturer, we manipulate at the molecular level to provide unmatched levels of performance and protection. This also means there are:

- No dependencies on foreign material
- No disruption of supply due to supply chain issues
- Increased quality oversight

Which all result in a product that is 15x stronger than steel yet light enough to float on water. Since 2004, the Dyneema® manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina has been the hub for next-generation product development; employing more than 400 full time workers. 10 percent of our Greenville team are military veterans. This Veteran’s Day, we’re proud to provide our military with job opportunities to continue protecting the country they’ve already made sacrifices for. Regional support by our Marketing & Sales and Technical Services teams also enables the co- development of ballistic solutions to meet today’s advanced and emerging threats.

Quality matters—especially when protecting those who protect us. Dyneema® is proud to provide that quality when it is needed most. Our American Made fiber ensures law enforcement officers and first responders wearing armor made with Dyneema® have the protective equipment they need, when they need it most. It is quality worn and trusted by the world’s most elite forces – including the U.S. military. We’re already makers of the world’s strongest fiber™, but our team isn’t stopping there. We’re constantly innovating and looking for opportunities to improve our products.

Learn more about our fiber, fabrics and UD material here.

Published on

11 November 2022


  • Protective Armor


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