We successfully defended a patent relating to Dyneema® Diamond Technology recently in China again. Before this recent defense, the patent had been challenged and the validity of the patent confirmed in both administrative and legal proceedings. The patent relates to the company’s innovative Dyneema® cut resistant yarns and products containing the cut resistant yarns. Such products are used in several protective applications and are especially protective fabrics including gloves with level 5 of cut resistance available in the market. Any unauthorized, business-purposed act of making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the patented cut resistant yarns or products such as gloves containing the cut resistant yarns in China constitutes an infringement of Avient’s patent and can be subject to legal consequences such as injunction and compensation. Besides the Chinese patent, Avient has counterpart patents granted in the US and countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.

“Continued challenges against the patent highlight the value of the innovations protected by the patent and its business impact in the market.  This recent defense of the patent once again confirms the strength of the patent”, says Marcio Manique, Global Business Director of Avient Protective Materials, “As a lead innovator in the field of Protective Materials, we value our intellectual property and have a no-tolerance policy against any infringing acts. Our intellectual property also protects our customers and partners’ innovations built on Dyneema® Diamond Technology”.

diamond technology

Published on

01 September 2021

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