A Linkedin article previously published by Masashi Torinomi, Senior Business Development Manager, Consumer & Professional Protection.

In early January, we were delighted to announce that textile manufacturer Toyoshima & Co. has become our first Premium Manufacturing Partner (PMP) in Japan, and will expand our Dyneema® fabric offerings in the domestic market and abroad.

To be certified as PMPs, Dyneema® partners must meet specific quality, manufacturing, innovation, and processing criteria in relation to Dyneema® fiber and fabric. Toyoshima is the first company in Japan to meet these standards. Under this partnership, Toyoshima will introduce Dyneema® fabric in multiple applications in Japan and abroad, including apparel, lifestyle materials, and industrial products.

Create a superior textile with Dyneema® Fiber

Fabrics made with Dyneema® fiber are available in a wide range of forms - from composites and denim to knits and woven. With key performance of durability, lightweight and superior protection, they can be tailored and optimized for strength, stretch, and weight. Dyneema® fiber is a high strength, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, that is 15 times stronger than steel but is light enough that it floats on water.

As a leading manufacturer in the production of textiles, Toyoshima is striving to lead the market by setting high standards in terms of innovation and the production of advanced materials for high end products. By partnering with Toyoshima, Dyneema® is harnessing to building a shared passion for quality and innovative technology.

Toyoshima will introduce original functional fabrics to market, including ultra-light ripstops, waterproof breathable fabrics and super light denim, all reinforced with Dyneema® fiber. These fabrics will be available not only to the Japanese market but also worldwide to interested brands.

Kazuya Kita, Deputy Director of Sales Promotion and New Business Management, Toyoshima Co said: “We are proud to be the first textile process integrator in the world to have received PMP certification. We will introduce Dyneema® to a wide range of applications in Japan and abroad – not only in our existing business areas, but also in cooperation with Avient. We will also strengthen the development and promotion of Dyneema® thanks to its strength, longevity, and environmental performance.”

Pam Keefe, Global Sales Manager from Avient Protective Materials said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Toyoshima as our latest Premium Manufacturing Partner for Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiberTM . They are our first partner in Japan, where the functional textile industry is a global leader. This landmark PMP certification means we can benefit from Toyoshima’s outstanding technological capabilities and deliver the sustainable, high-performance fabrics customers and consumers are looking for.”

Commitment for a sustainable and high-performance fabric

The bio-based Dyneema® fiber used by Toyoshima is made from lumber and pulp waste and has received the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), a global certification of sustainable raw materials. Delivering the same performance as conventional Dyneema® fiber, the solution has a 90% lower carbon footprint than that of general ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, making it both functional and sustainable.

Are you interested in learning more about how Dyneema® can improve the fabric performance? If so, please contact me directly or visit here.

Torinomi Masashi
Senior Business Development Manager

Published on

10 February 2023


  • Wear and Gear


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