Avient Dyneema has announced expansion of its ballistic materials research and development capabilities specific to helmet applications. With this, Avient Dyneema is demonstrating its commitment to supporting global armor manufacturers seeking to create next generation lightweight, high performance helmet designs and technologies based on Dyneema® material advancements.

Expansion of the Tech Center in Heerlen, the Netherlands involves replacing existing equipment with upgraded technology, including a state-of-the-art helmet press, as well as bringing on additional personnel to join the team of development and testing staff. The improved facilities and equipment add to Avient Dyneema’s current R&D capabilities; already, the organization demonstrates strong support to ballistic helmet manufacturers, with its Dyneema® material application development facilities and specialists in the Netherlands, United States and Singapore.

This investment will improve significantly our material R&D capabilities to support our customers to develop next generation helmets. This represents an area where innovation is needed desperately to keep soldiers and law enforcement personnel protected from ever-evolving threats, while lightening their load to enable them to perform their duties effectively,” says Marcio Manique, global business director, life protection, DSM Dyneema. “Adding these resources signals our intensified focus and intention to work closely with our customers to provide better insight into our materials that armor companies can use to speed up development and market introduction of new helmet designs.”

Enhanced material R&D capabilities will enable Avient Dyneema’s partners to realize more quickly the potential of best-in-class new materials, some currently available in the market, and some breakthrough new material technologies in late-stage development and soon to be introduced. These products offer the best combination of ballistic resistance and mechanical properties, and will enable game-changing innovation as has been seen with Dyneema® material for soft ballistics and hard ballistics in both personal and vehicle protection.

Around the world, advanced armor solutions made with Dyneema® material are trusted to protect modern law enforcement and military organizations,” says Manique. “Our goal is to reinforce our strong position in materials development for helmets similar to how our materials have helped customers raise the standard for protection in the personal, vehicle, boat and aircraft sub-sectors.”

Avient Dyneema has a strong reputation for bringing to market the most advanced material science used by the leading armor manufacturers to create industry-leading helmet designs. Using innovative Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology, Morgan Advanced Materials earned the opportunity to supply the Canadian Military Helmet with its LASA ultra-lightweight helmet series. Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology is a key component of the ultra-lightweight hybrid composite that allowed Morgan’s developers to reduce areal density of the helmet shell by 30%.

Avient Dyneema holds a technological leadership position in materials armor manufacturers use to develop other applications for soft ballistics and hard ballistics protection. Protective vests engineered with Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology can reduce weight by up to 30% vs. traditional materials, which allows for hard ballistic inserts and side plates made with Dyneema® UD to be added for missions requiring a more comprehensive, all-round soft ballistics/hard ballistics protection, without compromising personal agility and comfort.

Advanced soft ballistics solutions made with Dyneema® materials are widely used in personal protection equipment combining proven high level protection at reduced weight and thickness for maximum comfort and agility. They are mission-tested, show excellent long-term performance, and maintain their superior protective function even under extreme ambient temperatures.