Applications with Dyneema®

The Dyneema® brand is at the leading edge of the materials innovation curve. Our invention of an ultra-strong, ultra-light material has inspired industries to transform the performance of countless products and applications. Find below an overview of the most prominent applications Dyneema® can be found in.

Protective Armor

Ballistic armor made with Dyneema® provides maximum protection in a lighter, more comfortable solution. Dyneema® is engineered to protect the brave men and women who keep our communities safe.

Wear and Gear

Products made with Dyneema® are transforming comfort and confidence in the protective and lifestyle industries. Much lighter than traditional materials, Dyneema® has outstanding cut and abrasion resistance, as well as durability.

Ropes, Lines, Slings and Chains

Dyneema® has transformed the performance of heavy industry by making ropes, lines, slings and synthetic chains much lighter and more durable. A game changer for efficiency and safety. Engineers that work smarter, choose Dyneema®.


Lighter weight nets made with Dyneema® are easier to handle and more sustainable. For aquaculture, commercial fishing and air transport Dyneema® technology is reducing their environmental impact with lighter, longer lasting solutions.

Our commitment

Whether protecting first responders, law enforcement officers and service personnel, improving safety for millions of workers, or revolutionizing renewable energy projects – we protect people and the environment they live in. Because all life is precious.