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For more than two decades, high performance nets made with Dyneema® are a proven and certified solution to excuse steel wire or outperform low-cost synthetics. The adoption of Dyneema® technology has already helped transform the industry in the fjords and on the oceans, as well as on the world’s biggest airports.

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In close partnership with our customers, we develop innovative high-performance nets for a smarter world.

  • air

    Air Cargo Nets

    Emissions-reducing Air Cargo Nets with Dyneema®. Good for the total cost of ownership and the environment.

  • aquaculture

    Aquaculture Nets

    Aquaculture nets made with Dyneema® keep fish in - and predators out. Combined with easier and safer handling, and lower maintenance costs, Dyneema® support more sustainable fishing techniques that optimize production while being better for the environment.

  • trawl

    Trawl Ropes & Nets

    Trawl ropes and nets made with Dyneema® are strong yet light, they reduce drag, helping cut fuel costs by 40%, while also making boats easier to handle - and safer.

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