Why choose Dyneema®?

Frag knits made with Dyneema® provide extremely lightweight and flexible protection from projectile threats as small as a grain of sand, which can be lethal in explosions. Not only do they reduce the number of penetrating particles, they reduce penetration depth and limit back-face deformation. The knits are used in a layered construction, either as an undergarment or garment liner. 

The smooth, flexible and air-permeable textiles provide added comfort for wearers, while supporting the natural body climate in both activity and rest. This technology also allows frag knits made with Dyneema® to be stable against environmental influences and allow full mobility without sacrificing protection.

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®



Exceptional IED protection thanks to improved coverage and a reduction in the number and depth of penetrating meso-mass and micro-mass fragments



Frag knit fabric is permeable and moisture-absorbing, with exceptional next-to-skin comfort, designed to keep wearers comfortable

multi-threat protection


Available in five grades between 150-700 g/m2 (4.4-20.6 oz/y2), all offering excellent flex-durability, abrasion resistance, tear and bending strength


Frag Knits with Dyneema® Brochure

Designed for IED threat profile garments, frag knits with Dyneema® offer unmatched comfort and protection. Learn more about the inherent properties by downloading the product brochure.

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