Why choose Dyneema®?

For military and law enforcement officers in high-risk environments, hard armor with Dyneema® is raising the protection benchmark. It provides maximum protection in a lighter solution that enhances comfort, maneuverability, and efficiency.

With Dyneema® you can reduce the weight of individual inserts at the same protection level, or provide extra personal protection options, like side panels, without increasing the overall weight of the armor system. 

Armor made with Dyneema® technology is also the best choice for protecting vehicles. Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology, for example, can reduce armor weight by up to 20%, yet sacrifices nothing in ballistic performance. The result is a radical improvement in protection, weight, space, flexibility, and economics compared with traditional materials like HMPE, ceramics, fiberglass, aramid, and titanium.

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®



Crucial protection against a range of threats, including NIJ level III and IV, AK47 MSC (7.62 x 39 mm) and NATO Ball (7.62 x 51 mm)



Hard armor made with Dyneema® is up to 25% lighter than aramid

user mobility

User Mobility

Enhance agility, payload, comfort and function

Body armor explained

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) defines body armor as vests designed to provide ballistic protection for the vital organs in the torso. Dyneema® offers the lightest solution for both soft and hard body armor applications. Lighter armor is more comfortable and increases maneuverability. 

body armor explained

Benefits of hard armor plates and inserts made with Dyneema®

  • Constructed from ceramics, compressed laminate sheets, metallic plates or composites 
  • Designed to deform and capture the bullet 
  • Armor then absorbs and distributes the force of the impact 
  • Protects against rifle threats, including NIJ Level III and IV threats
  • Hard armor made with Dyneema® is up to 75% lighter than steel and 25% lighter than aramid

Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology

Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology delivers breakthrough polymer science, next-generation fiber technology and unique unidirectional engineering to deliver armor solutions with unmatched ballistic stopping power.

Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology

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