Generally speaking, ropes made from HMPE are sensitive to long-term loads, meaning that lines made with the material elongate proportionally over time. This is known as creep – a process that will ultimately limit the lifespan of a line.


Q: How do mooring lines made with Dyneema® SK78 compare to generic HMPE alternatives when it comes to creep? 
A: Mooring lines made with Dyneema® SK78 offer at least 4x longer creep lifetime than any HMPE fiber – helping to keep mooring ropes and lines in service for longer. 

Q: What are the external factors that can influence creep life?
A:  The creep life of HMPE fibers is influenced by the ambient temperature and the applied load. Very high loads or a high temperature will accelerate the creep process. Those made by Avient offer the highest creep life and the lowest rope weight. 

Q: How can creep rates be predicted?
A: Over the course of a multi-year research program, Avient has developed the Creep Performance Tool, which takes into account parameters including: type of HMPE, temperature, time, and tension. With this model, Avient is capable of predicting creep rate and elongations, and estimating creep lifetime of all its applications made with Dyneema® SK78. 


Whitepaper ‘Selecting the right fiber for mooring lines’

For more information on the exceptional tension fatigue properties delivered by Dyneema® SK78, download our new whitepaper. Convince your organization that it’s time to change to mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78.


Infographic ‘Selecting the right fiber for mooring lines’

Convince your organization that it’s time to change to mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78, download the infographic and share it internally.

Understanding Creep

Understanding creep is crucial when developing applications that involve constant loads.

Work smarter. Choose Dyneema® SK78

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Renowned and certified

Dyneema® SK78 fiber is renowned for its quality, consistency and performance. This has resulted in an Approval of Manufacturing Certificate by DNV GL, and in a Notification for Approval of Filament by ClassNK. If you want to know more about our certifications, please contact us.