Avient has long made sustainability a core business driver and is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. This dedication to sustainability also sees Avient feature on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, Fortune Magazine’s ‘Change the World’ List, and has fed directly into the development of Dyneema® SK78.


Q: What makes Dyneema® SK78 a more sustainable choice than the generic HMPE alternatives?
A: Of all high-performance fibers, Dyneema® delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength. 75% of the energy used to manufacture Dyneema® fiber comes from renewable energy sources – saving CO2 emissions equivalent to 13,000 vehicles. 

Q: Beyond manufacturing methods, what else makes Dyneema® SK78 the greener choice? 
A: Using Dyneema® SK78 also helps to reduce carbon footprint downstream. The carbon footprint when mooring using lines made with Dyneema® is nearly 20% less than when using generic HMPE ropes.

Q: Are the sustainability credentials of Dyneema® SK78 affected by line construction or application?
A: Performance of alternative materials and carbon footprint are application specific. However, in every application, Dyneema® delivers the greenest strength. Please contact us to measure the environmental advantage of working with Dyneema® in a specific application. 


Whitepaper ‘Selecting the right fiber for mooring lines’

For more information on the exceptional tension fatigue properties delivered by Dyneema® SK78, download our new whitepaper. Convince your organization that it’s time to change to mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78.


Infographic ‘Selecting the right fiber for mooring lines’

Convince your organization that it’s time to change to mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78, download the infographic and share it internally.

Work smarter. Choose Dyneema® SK78

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Renowned and certified

Dyneema® SK78 fiber is renowned for its quality, consistency and performance. This has resulted in an Approval of Manufacturing Certificate by DNV GL, and in a Notification for Approval of Filament by ClassNK. If you want to know more about our certifications, please contact us.


Our commitment

Whether protecting first responders, law enforcement officers and service personnel, improving safety for millions of workers, or revolutionizing renewable energy projects – we protect people and the environment they live in. Because all life is precious.