Choose winchlines made with Dyneema® – reliable and strong with long service life

As of today, hundreds of kilometers of winchlines and crane ropes made with Dyneema® are out there – offshore – working on winches from shallow to ultra-deepwater. Using traditional steel wire ropes limits deepwater operations, as their weight halves a crane’s capacity at a depth of 3000 meters.

Ropes with Dyneema® are as strong as steel, yet light enough to float. This reduced weight translates to increased crane capacity, especially when operating at extreme depths. Besides increased operational efficiency and safety, ropes with Dyneema® also lower your carbon footprint, providing you with a more sustainable solution.

Reliable operations is a key driver for Avient. Therefore we closely cooperate with industry partners and have invested more than a decade in ensuring the safe and reliable operations of ropes on crane and winch systems with Dyneema®.

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®


Increased Efficiency

Capitalizing on its full lifting capacity, more efficient use of cranes and vessels

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Reliable Strength

Avient has 10+ years of dedicated testing to ensure reliable operations of winchlines made with Dyneema®


Longer Service Life

It reduces the number of rope changes, thus improves crane availability

Fiber rope innovation – improvements in bending endurance and spooling

The days that our synthetic fiber ropes are outperformed by steel in cyclic bending tests are over. We have improved our Dyneema® fiber performance to ensure winch ropes with Dyneema® have a higher bending performance than steel wire ropes.

Since introducing new fiber technologies like Dyneema® XBO Technology, combined with more advanced rope constructions, the CBOS performance of rope with Dyneema® DM20/SK78 has increased by more than a factor of 10. Extensive testing on winches also established how to best spool fiber rope on multi-layer winches, essential for deepwater operations.

At Avient, we have tested millions of cycles in rope bending and many rope samples in abrasion. This culminates in an engineering method that is able to predict and track a rope’s lifetime as a function of its use (based on temperature, time and tension; and taking into account all system parameters).

Drum and (modified) traction winches

Ropes with Dyneema® are in use on a variety of winch systems; drum and (modified) traction winches, low to high load ranges. Some of them having Active Heave Compensation operation mode.

pull ropes

Pull in ropes made with Dyneema®

Pull in ropes made with Dyneema® are the safest and most reliable choice for chain and riser pull in. Due to their low weight, they can be easily (sometimes even manually) handled during the FPSO installation process.

Mooring chains, risers and turrets - all have been pulled in with lines made with Dyneema®. From the early days, with relatively “small” APL turrets to massive turrets as found on the Peregrino FPSO offshore Brazil.

In-depth knowledge on rope/winch/sheave behaviour

Rope winch and rope sheave interaction are critical for safe operations, to be reliable and offer long lifetimes. At Avient, we have worked with our partners to build and expand our knowledge and to develop an engineering method, using proprietary models, to predict the lifetime of ropes running over sheaves. Rope with Dyneema® has been tested in a wide range of diameters, from 10mm to well over 100mm, which provides enough lifting strength for cranes over 250 ton capacity. At Avient, we have ample experience in translating the technical requirements into a reliable overall rope and crane system design where boundaries are managed.

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temperature rope

Temperature behavior

Temperature in ropes (steel or synthetic) will increase when used in Active Heave Compensation mode, for example. Avient has recommendations for the crane and rope system to enable easy management of the maximum rope temperature boundaries for safe and reliable use. The temperature management system has been accredited by DNV. Speak with us to learn how you can have better control over the performance of your operation.

Customer Success Stories

Take a look at our customers have to say about lifting slings made with Dyneema® which have proven to be very safe, reliable, and durable in the most demanding lifting operations.


“We are so confident in the technology and keen to demonstrate the crane’s capabilities that we entered into a program to build, certify and validate it. I believe that it is one of the world’s most advanced fiber-rope knuckle-boom cranes that the market has ever seen.”

Ingvar Apeland, Vice President, Advanced Offshore Solutions, MacGregor

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Hampidjan Baltic & Bezos Expeditions

“The technology used for the recovery is in its own way as otherworldly as the Apollo technology itself. The Remotely Operated Vehicles worked at a depth of more than 14,000 feet, tethered to our ship with fiber optics for data and electric cables transmitting power at more than 4,000 volts."

Jeff Bezos, Founder, Bezos Expeditions

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“We strongly believe in the future of cranes with fiber rope included – not just because of a CAPEX and OPEX evaluation, but also to further shift the limits of what can be deployed in subsea applications.”

Cees van Veluw, Product Manager Cranes, Huisman

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Where to buy ropes, winchlines, slings and chains with Dyneema®

Only ropes, winchlines, slings and chains made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. They are exclusively manufactured by our official partners.