As a family owned and operated business, Janssen Group has been providing innovative solutions for equipment construction and leasing for more than 50 years. Janssen Group’s extensive and modern machine park consists of a 110-unit fleet, with intermodal facilities for storage, transshipment and recycling, servicing projects for road construction and deep digging in Benelux and Germany.

Learn why Janssen Group switched to Dyneema®

earth moving solution

Earth-moving solutions

Managing the large fleet requires heavy load securing of oversized construction equipment, such as wheeled shovels, excavators, caterpillar shovels and diggers on multi-axle trailers. The machines must be transported to and from construction sites without compromising the safety of the operator or equipment, which is what triggered Marcel Janssen (Former Owner) to switch from traditional steel chains to DoNova® Powerlash chains made with Dyneema® in late 2017.

“Traditional steel chains are a burden for our employees. DoNova® Powerlash chains with Dyneema® provide a low weight alternative.”

Marcel Janssen, Former Owner

Lightening the load

DoNova® Powerlash chains, manufactured by Dolezych – an internationally renowned company specialized in the production of load-securing and lifting equipment -  are up to eight times lighter than steel, without compromising strength. This means that during transportation the chains can transfer the load into lashing points on the trailer, securing the heavy construction equipment loaded by Janssen’s operators.

Each of Janssen’s drivers must charge, move and discharge various building machines up to four times per day, requiring the installation and deinstallation of the lashing chains, mostly in unfavorable positions under the digger, excavator, shovel or dumper. “Since I got the DoNova®  Powerlash chains, I stopped using the former steel chains since they are much heavier,” says Rik van Wersch, Specialist Driver, Janssen Group.

“I prefer to use Dyneema® because it is so light and quick to use.”

Rik van Wersch, Specialist Driver, Janssen Group


Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, offers unmatched strength and reliability, making it ideal for the lifting and lashing of delicate, heavy, and oversized cargo. The inherent properties of synthetic link chains with Dyneema® make them stronger than steel, yet light enough for one operator to use throughout an entire shift – providing critical protection for Janssen’s most important asset, it’s people.

Safety for crew and equipment

The light weight of DoNova® Powerlash chains with Dyneema® make it quicker for installation and deinstallation of equipment but, more importantly, it also provides better ergonomics for the daily well-being and long-term performance of Janssen’s employees.

“Short term, we estimate a time savings of 10-50% for our lashing operations,” says Pascal Janssen (Head Planning / Owner). “But long-term, we’re focused on the ergonomic aspect and well-being of our drivers. Their joy, pride and performance is kept at a high level for their entire career. That pays back.”

The advantages of DoNova® Powerlash chains

DoNova® Powerlash chains with Dyneema® offer distinct advantages compared to steel chains for Janssen Group:

  • 8x lighter than steel at equal strength
  • Faster handling means increased productivity for quicker installations and deinstallations
  • Less injuries to crew and cargo
  • Soft touch of Dyneema® prevents scratches and dents to equipment, lowering costs
  • 70x quieter, meaning less rattling for safer and better communication
  • Better ergonomics for drivers during frequent use
  • Fingers protected during the tightening of load binders
  • Reduced weight means fuel savings during transportation

“Safety for our drivers is critical.”

Pascal Janssen, Head Planning / Owner


“We have a lot of new equipment, including our trailer, diggers and shovels” says Christiaan Janssen (Managing Director / Owner). “The chains with Dyneema® not only protect our workers, but they also protect our machines from scratches and dents which improves the lifetime of our equipment and overall efficiency of our operations.”

Proven performance

Since making the switch to DoNova® Powerlash chains, Janssen Group has already put the strength and reliability of Dyneema® to the test; moving a 32-ton oversized A40F VOLVO dumper, cranes, wheel loaders, 52-ton excavator, oversized industrial steel crates, 4-meter high transformer and a 76-ton heavy stone and rock breaker without incident.

The results have been so positive that Janssen Group has ordered a second kit of DoNova® Powerlash chains and installed them on a second truck.

“We’re very impressed,” says Marcel Janssen. “Our drivers have seen the results and are hesitant now to use steel lashing tools. They prefer DoNova® Powerlash chains with Dyneema®.”

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