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Do you design ballistic protection or armor systems? Our team would love to work with you. We can guide you through our portfolio of Dyneema® unidirectional (UD) material grades and help you design the ideal performance into your system.

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Dyneema® grades for ballistic protection and armor

With best-in-class ballistic stopping power, lightweighting for maximum comfort, and applications across personal and vehicle protection, Dyneema® UD is designed to bring wearers home safely. To make it, we lay our ultra-strong fibers in a crisscross pattern at 0 and 90 degrees, ensuring the even and rapid distribution of energy.

Dyneema® UD comes in soft ballistic and hard ballistic product grades, so no matter your application, you can be sure of superior stopping power and multi-threat protection.

Dyneema® product portfolio

Your full-spectrum protection partner

Dyneema® is with you when it matters – starting with our innovative molecular engineering. We produce higher-tenacity fibers that enable enhanced ballistic stopping power in lightweight UD material, for the highest-performing personal protection solutions in the world. And this protection is built to last, delivering the same exceptional performance year after year.

But we go much further than that. With full traceability of raw materials and strategically resilient supply chains, we can guarantee consistency of supply across continents and meet your ballistic protection needs in the short, medium, and long term.

And, of course, our technical team is a dedicated partner throughout your development process, in design, manufacturing, and more. By providing expert support at every level, we can help you craft the perfect solution for your end-use application.

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Design for sustainability

Dyneema® isn’t just the world’s strongest fiber™ – no other high-performance fiber has a lower carbon footprint per unit strength. What’s more, it’s now available in bio-based form.

In fact, bio-based Dyneema® fiber is the world’s first ever bio-based HMPE fiber. With a carbon footprint 90% lower than generic HMPE, it still delivers the exact same quality and properties as conventional Dyneema®.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability targets

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Our proprietary models and tests will help you design the right protection levels

We understand that law enforcement and military personnel need protective gear that meets and exceeds certification standards for ballistic protection.

Our team of experts is on hand to provide comprehensive support throughout your product testing and development journey.

Starting point of design

Our technical team has already conducted thousands of tests on our broad portfolio of materials for soft and hard ballistic applications, with the results stored in our ballistic database. This information provides an excellent starting point of design, and we use it to make the design process quicker and more effective.

Ballistic testing capabilities on three continents

Thanks to our network of state-of-the-art technical centers, we’re capable of testing to multiple national standard protection levels, as well as conducting specific tests on vehicle protection. And with sites in the USA, the Netherlands, and Singapore, we’re able to offer testing support on a global scale.

Composite design process

The Dyneema® technical team draws on years of experience to provide support in demanding test procedures, whether for national standards or customized needs. For complex composite materials, our technical centers have broad capacity to test ballistic protection from multi-angled threats. This encompasses protection against fragment-simulating projectiles (FSPs), hand and rifle ammunition, and knife and spike assaults.

Composite manufacturing support

To make the most of Dyneema®’s exceptional performance, our technical team can provide expert advice on stacking, cutting, and processing for each application. This is especially relevant for the creation of ballistic vest inserts, vehicle armor composites, and helmet manufacturing. As part of our support, the Dyneema® team has investigated critical process parameters and equipment, and we make this information available for our partners.

How we work with you

We know that every collaboration is different – just like every ballistic protection system is different. But no matter what you need, our technical centers, research scientists, engineers, and customer support personnel across the globe work closely with you to facilitate every stage of design, production, and beyond.

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  • We help you identify the performance criteria that will give you a competitive advantage in your market.
  • We explain the performance characteristics of each of our Dyneema® grades.
  • We partner with you throughout the whole design process to co-develop your end-use application.
  • We offer manufacturing support by providing the equipment required within your process parameters.
  • We can identify partners who can support your business.
  • We assist with technical specification during production.

Meeting – and exceeding – international certification standards

Soft armor vests made with Dyneema® UD are tested according to a variety of requirements across different countries, including USA NIJ, UK CAST 2017, VPAM, and NATO. In all these tests, we ensure that vests made with Dyneema® UD meet and surpass certification standards, and we’re recognized as offering the lightest body armor solution for both soft and hard armor applications.

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