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Are you a cut-resistant glove designer? Our team would love to work with you. We can guide you through our portfolio of Dyneema® fibers and help you design the ideal performance into your system.

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Dyneema® grades for cut-resistant gloves

Dyneema® SK60 and SK62 fiber

Is comfort a top priority? These are the fibers you need for the lightest, most wearable industrial gloves on the market.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology

A single-filament solution for diamond-standard performance, without the price tag.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology 2.0

Wave goodbye to conventional reinforcements: here’s our ultimate protection solution, free from fiberglass and steel.

Dyneema® product portfolio
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Why Dyneema® is the diamond standard in cut protection

More than 25 years ago, Dyneema® transformed the design of cut-protection gloves with a thinner yarn providing comfort and dexterity far better than that offered by any other material then available. In 2012, we took another step forward with the launch of our revolutionary Dyneema® Diamond Technology – delivering ultra-thin, single-yarn fibers with double the cut-resistance performance of generic HPPE. And now, glove designers can rely on the next level of advanced cut protection: Dyneema® Diamond Technology 2.0.

Our patented single-yarn technology means the days of glass, basalt, and steel reinforcements are over – and ensures wearers benefit from maximum comfort, durability, and protection.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology 2.0: The pinnacle of cut protection

  • 3x more cut resistant than generic HPPE

  • 30% lighter than generic HPPE

  • 40% thinner than generic HPPE

  • Certified and compliant with OekoTex® 100, EU REACH, US FDA, and more

Design for sustainability

Not only is Dyneema® the world’s strongest fiber™, but it also has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber. Better yet, it’s now available in bio-based form (in fact, it’s the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber).

Bio-based Dyneema® fiber has a carbon footprint 90% lower than generic HMPE – and you can still count on the exact same quality and properties as with conventional Dyneema®.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability targets
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Your expert partner at every stage of development

Our team are experts in glove design, with extensive knowledge of the factors influencing cut-resistant glove performance at every stage of production. We’re happy to work with your preferred production facilities – or we can introduce you to one of our Premium Manufacturing Partners (PMPs). And we collaborate with all partners along the value chain, right through to delivery of the finished product.


Using our deep understanding of the key factors affecting cut performance, we work with you to design the optimum balance between comfort and cut protection. We model and test twist/turns per meter (TPM), stitch length, spandex stretch/draft, and machine gauge, so we can engineer the ideal properties into your product. And, of course, we can demonstrate the benefits of Dyneema® Diamond Technology, which offers manufacturers maximum flexibility and a larger window of operations.

Yarn engineering

Our experts develop, test, and recommend options for yarn twisting or covering for those designing next-level engineered yarns. Engineered yarn with Dyneema® Diamond Technology is a lightweight solution that can be combined with tungsten, steel, spandex, polyester, or nylon, depending on your required performance criteria. Our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience in application development means we can help our partners find the right products, fast.

Glove knitting

Our global technical centers are home to a wide range of the very latest glove knitting machines, from 18G to 10G – and we’re always exploring new designs and solutions using Dyneema® Diamond Technology. When it comes to production, depending on your product specifications, we can either work with your preferred suppliers or introduce you to one of our trusted PMPs.


Our testing facilities in Asia and Europe are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for mechanical tests, which we use to carefully determine the real-world performance of our materials.

Cut-resistance test – EN388 COUP

Evaluating the cut resistance of gloves using a rotating circular blade. The results of the test are used to assign a cut-resistance level from 1 to 5.

Cut-resistance test – TDM-100

Measuring the cut level according to key international safety standards, such as ISO 13997 and ASTM F2992.

Puncture-resistance tensile test

Measuring puncture resistance based on EN388 mechanical test standards. Also suitable for testing the tensile and elongation properties of fabrics based on ISO 13934 test standards.

Abrasion-resistance test

Evaluating the number of cycles a glove can resist while rubbed against standard abrasive material at a constant load. The abrasion level is determined according to EN388 test standards.

Yarn-twist test

Measuring the number of twists and turns applied during the yarn covering process – a critical metric to define the comfort and cut performance of a cut-resistant article.

Microscopic analysis

Studying the surface morphology of technical fibers to understand the composition and construction of articles.

How we work with you

We know that every collaboration is different – just like every cut-protection system is different. But no matter what you need, our technical centers, research scientists, engineers, and customer support personnel across the globe work closely with you to facilitate every stage of design, production, and beyond.

Get in touch with our engineers
  • We help you identify the performance criteria that will give you a competitive advantage in your market.
  • We engineer the ideal TPM, stretch, stitch length, and gauge for optimum performance in comfort and cut resistance.
  • We identify partners for yarn engineering, covering, and knitting.
  • We assist with technical development and production.
  • We support on validating your gloves in line with required certification standards.
  • We help with impactful marketing collaborations.
  • We support you with aftercare services including forecasting, innovations, and product improvements.

Preferred. Trusted. Certified.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is globally recognized for its outstanding quality, consistency, and performance – as highlighted by our array of third-party certifications and standards. Contact us to find out more.

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We’re always happy to discuss your specific design requirements for cut-protection gloves. Whether you’re developing a solution for automotive, steel, or food applications, let’s work hand in hand.

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