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Are you a floating offshore wind system designer? Our team would love to work with you. We can guide you through our portfolio of Dyneema® fibers and help you design the ideal performance into your system.

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Dyneema® grades for floating offshore wind

Dyneema® SK78 fiber

If creep, abrasion, temperature, durability, and/or fatigue are critical issues in your application, this is the grade for you.

Dyneema® DM20 fiber

The fiber suitable for permanent moorings.


Both Dyneema® SK78 and DM20 fiber are available as bio-based options. Bio-based Dyneema® fiber offers the exact same performance characteristics as conventional Dyneema® with the added benefit of CO2 savings.

Dyneema® product portfolio
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Predict service lifetimes with Fatigue Performance Modeling

Did you know Dyneema® is the only fiber manufacturer to test at both fiber and rope level? It’s because we’re dedicated to helping designers identify the perfect solution for their offshore challenges. So dedicated, in fact, that we’ve built our own proprietary state-of-the-art tests and models – like our Fatigue Performance Modeling tool.

Because when it comes to high-stakes lifting operations, testing a fiber’s initial breaking strength isn’t enough. Designers need to be able to accurately predict a lifting sling’s fatigue lifetime – so they can minimize risks and maximize efficiencies.

Just the beginning 

Fatigue lifetime prediction and dynamic loading analysis are just the beginning. With Dyneema®, designers can benefit from our wide range of state-of-the-art tests and models – all developed by our experts to simulate real-world conditions.

Designing for dynamic loading

Offshore wind platforms are affected by wind and waves, which lead to dynamic mooring conditions. Thanks to our work with Orcina and Principia, we have the high-quality analysis software to help wind energy project designers overcome the uncertainties of offshore conditions and make rope, sling, and tendon systems safer for people and payloads alike.

Design for sustainability

Not only is Dyneema® the world’s strongest fiber™, but it also has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber. Better yet, it’s now available in bio-based form (in fact, it’s the world’s first ever bio-based HMPE fiber).

Bio-based Dyneema® has a carbon footprint 90% lower than generic HMPE – and you can still count on the exact same quality and properties as with conventional Dyneema®.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability targets.

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How we work with you

We know that every collaboration is different – just like every floating offshore wind system is different. But no matter what you need, our technical centers, research scientists, engineers, and customer support personnel across the globe work closely with you to facilitate every stage of design, production, and beyond.

Talk to our experts about designing your offshore system with Dyneema® fibers.

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  • We help you identify the performance criteria that will give you a competitive advantage in your market.
  • We explain the performance characteristics of each of our fiber grades.
  • We support with specifying the exact grades, components, and coatings you need for your system.
  • We identify partners who can tender for your business.
  • We assist with technical specification during production.

With the strong engineering support of Dyneema®, we're able to optimize our systems to benefit from lightweight technologies.

Henrik Stiesdal, Founder & CTO, Stiesdal

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Switching from outdated steel to world-leading synthetic fiber

Don’t let the limitations of steel wire rigging constrain your design ambitions. Instead, turn to Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber™ – and enjoy strength + low weight. Strength + durability. Strength + efficiency. Plus much more besides.

The positives kept on coming for Stiesdal when it swapped traditional steel keel lines for Dyneema®-based ropes from our trusted partner Dynamica Ropes. Seven times lighter than steel at the same strength, the new ropes, made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber, were the key to optimizing the system design for Stiesdal’s TetraSpar Demonstrator while keeping material use to a minimum.

Preferred. Trusted. Certified.

Reliability is everything in offshore wind energy design – which makes certification an essential consideration. Using Dyneema® fiber can help you secure the recognition you need for your floating wind system: after all, our fibers are renowned the world over for their outstanding quality, consistency, and performance. Contact us to find out more about our third-party certifications.

Is verification the same as certification?
The simple answer is “no.” Verification statements confirm the initial holding capacity of a sling, but don’t give information on its suitability for the intended lifting operation. Certification, on the other hand, confirms not only the sling’s initial holding capacity but also its lifetime holding capacity – determining the sling’s useful service life in its planned operation.

In short, if you want fit-for-purpose, durable, and sustainable heavy lifting slings, certificates are the documents for you.

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We’re manufacturer agnostic, so we can advise you before you start the tender process. We’re not sling suppliers, so designing your system with us doesn’t restrict your tender process. And we’re always happy to discuss your specific offshore system design requirements – so contact us now.

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