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Are you a protective apparel designer for motorcycle or industrial wear? Our team would love to work with you. We can guide you through our portfolio of Dyneema® fibers and help you design the ideal performance into your system.

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Dyneema® grades for motorcycle and industrial protection

Dyneema® Diamond Technology

A single-filament solution for diamond-standard performance, without the price tag.

Dyneema® Staple

A true classic, and a favorite fiber among our manufacturing partners. 

Dyneema® Filament

Want to weave high protection into your denim? Look no further in your quest for ultra-strong fabrics.

Dyneema® product portfolio
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A little Dyneema® goes a long way

So how much Dyneema® do you need in a fabric to keep riders and workers protected? The answer is not a lot: even motorcycle-grade denim only needs to contain less than 15% Dyneema® fiber to deliver powerful resistance against tears and abrasion. Of course, the more Dyneema® you use, the stronger the resulting fabric – and with our wide range of product grades, you can easily tailor your garment’s performance to its intended function, whether that’s motorcycle wear, workwear, fashion wear, or action sportswear.

Design for sustainability

Not only is Dyneema® the world’s strongest fiber™, but it also has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber. Better yet, it’s now available in bio-based form (in fact, it’s the world’s first ever bio-based HMPE fiber).

Bio-based Dyneema® has a carbon footprint 90% lower than generic HMPE – and you can still count on the exact same quality and properties as with conventional Dyneema®.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability targets

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How we work with you

We know that every collaboration is different – just like every industrial and motorcycle protection garment is different. But no matter what you need, our technical centers, research scientists, engineers, and customer support personnel across the globe work closely with you to facilitate every stage of design, production, and beyond.

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  • We help you identify the performance criteria that will give you a competitive advantage in your market.
  • We explain the performance characteristics of each of our Dyneema® grades.
  • We work with you to design your desired performance requirements into your fabric.
  • We work with your preferred fabric mill or introduce you to one of our Premium Manufacturing Partners.
  • We collaborate with garment producers throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, from cutting to garment care.
  • We use our ingredient branding on your garment to co-market your product together with your marketing team.
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Blending cotton and Dyneema® for increased durability

Cotton has its benefits – but strength isn’t one of them. Adding just a small proportion of Dyneema has a big effect on a garment’s protective properties and durability. Denim and piece-dyed fabric containing 4–5% Dyneema® gains double the tear strength, a significant increase in tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and a longer jean lifetime. And these improvements grow further when you increase the amount of Dyneema to 10–15%.

It's all because of the spinning technology used for these ‘intimate blends’ of up to 15% Dyneema®. The resulting yarn can be applied to both the warp and the weft of the garment, giving it increased torsional strength in every direction while still maintaining the lightweight comfort and famous tactile and aesthetic appeal of cotton jeans.

Double-weave Dyneema® for full-blown protection

Want even more strength plus even greater durability in your protective apparel? Using larger quantities of Dyneema®, either filament or spun-yarn reinforcement, is the approach you need if you’re looking for a more flexible and comfortable alternative to leather.

With our double-weave technology and 20–60% Dyneema®, we can help you create an essentially unbreakable technical high-performance denim or piece-dyed fabric. In fact, double-weave Dyneema® Denim is the first single-layer denim capable of making garments that achieve level-one CE certification.

Dyneema® Denim with more than 50% Dyneema®, for instance, has been shown to be almost indestructible, outperforming typical motorcycle jeans and jackets on abrasion resistance, durability, and tear strength by a factor of seven.

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Take your denim designs further with Dyneema®

Of course, Dyneema® brings so much more than just strength to denim and piece-dyed fabric. It enables outstanding protective apparel that’s lighter, softer, less bulky, and more flexible. Its light weight enables energy savings in production, transport, and washing and drying. It can be created in different colors and water-repellant finishes. And it ages just like any other denim garment – for the look and feel wearers love.

No matter whether you’re developing protection for industrial or motorcycle professionals or casual commuters, our next-level solutions ensure unparalleled performance that keeps wearers safe, comfortable, and in control.

Meet our Premium Manufacturing Partners

Our global network of Premium Manufacturing Partners are ideally placed to provide Dyneema® blended fabrics for various markets. They also have the capabilities to customize and develop new fabrics using Dyneema® by harnessing new fibers, weights, weaves, and fabric properties.

We carefully vet each of these manufacturers for quality, consistency, innnovation, and ability to support brands in meeting their goals. In addition, we’re always looking for new and innovative partners to support emerging markets.


SPECIALTY: Knits with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Sport, fashion, and technical textiles

LOCATION: Götzis, Austria

Fuchshuber Techno-Tex

SPECIALTY: Knits with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Protective clothing, motorcycle apparel, workwear, sportswear

LOCATION: Lichtenstein, Germany

Gayon New Materials

SPECIALTY: Knits and wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Protective clothing, law enforcement, military, workwear, outdoor

LOCATION: Haining, China


SPECIALTY: Wovens and knits with Dyneema

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, apparel, workwear, bags, industrial

LOCATION: Busan, Korea


SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, apparel, workwear, bags, industrial

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain

Lenzi Egisto

SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, chainsaw, and motorcycle protection

LOCATION: Vaiano, Italy

Naveena Denim

SPECIALTY: Denim with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Durable denim, workwear, motorcycle denim,

LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan


SPECIALTY: Wovens, knits, and denim with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Apparel, lifestyle, industrial

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan

VdS Weaving

SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Industrial, automotive, filtration, military, protective clothing

LOCATION: Oudenaarde, Belgium

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We’re always happy to discuss your specific design requirements for protective clothing. Whether you’re developing a solution for industrial workwear or motorcycle wear, we can help you bring your vision to life with our world-leading fibers and unique services.

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