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Are you designing the next generation of sports or consumer products? Our team would love to work with you. We can guide you through our portfolio of Dyneema® Composite Fabrics or introduce you to our Premium Manufacturing Partners and their expertise in woven and knit fabrics. Together, we’ll design the ideal performance into your product.

Our fabrics and composites team has a strong track record in helping brands of all shapes and sizes, all around the world, to unlock the power of design-driven development, and we invest heavily in capacity improvements to keep up with increasing demand. Through close collaboration with customers in high-value and high-growth markets, we help deliver Dyneema®-branded products that enhance protection, performance, and delight for end users.

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Fabric with Dyneema®

Dyneema® is so much more than the world’s strongest fiber™; it’s also highly versatile. In fact, we produce and supply Dyneema® Composite Fabrics for a wide range of consumer product designs – while also supplying manufacturers with Dyneema® fiber to support the development of other high-performance fabric technologies.

Dyneema® Composite Fabrics

Manufactured by the Dyneema® team, our composite fabrics are produced from oriented fiber layers, high-performance matrices, high-performance films, or other surface coatings. The oriented fiber layers can be positioned at any angle, for an unlimited range of fiber choices and combinations. The fabric’s weight is also customizable from 11 grams per square meter (gsm) to 500 gsm.

Wovens with Dyneema®

Adding Dyneema® to woven fabrics supports the creation of strong, durable articles, with popular examples including performance apparel, footwear, backpacks, bags, luggage, workwear, and industrial clothing. These fabrics can be produced with different weave constructions, and when it comes to coatings, durable water repellent (DWR) and polyurethane (PU) coatings are both possible, as are laminations. You can select different densities of Dyneema® fiber depending on the application, ranging from 55 to 1,760 dtex, giving designers even more creative freedom to craft the perfect article for their end user.

Denim with Dyneema®

Compared to other synthetic materials, only a relatively small amount of Dyneema® needs to be added to denim to elevate its durability, strength, and abrasion resistance. The result? Performance apparel, workwear, and motorcycle denim that’s stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before, without impacting the look and feel of this iconic fabric.

Knits with Dyneema®

Knitted fabrics made with Dyneema® are ideal for protective apparel, sportswear, and workwear due to their exceptional abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. A wide variety of knit constructions are possible with Dyneema® using different weave constructions. What’s more, knitted fabrics with Dyneema® are easy to combine with other synthetic or natural yarns.

Dyneema® product portfolio

Design for sustainability

All Dyneema® Composite Fabrics are made using 100% bio-based Dyneema® fiber, which carries a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber. What’s more, 75% of the energy we use in our processes comes from renewable sources – and we’re making strong progress toward our goal of 100%.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability targets

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How we work with you

We know that every collaboration is different – just like every consumer product is different. But no matter what you need, our technical centers, research scientists, engineers, and customer support personnel across the globe work closely with you to facilitate every stage of design, production, and beyond.

Get in touch with our technical support specialists
  • We help you identify the performance criteria that will give you a competitive advantage in your market, explain the performance characteristics of each of our Dyneema® grades, and answer your questions about the material or its potential applications.
  • We offer fast and convenient shipping services, as well as distribution capabilities from small to large quantities.
  • We have a trusted network of partners who can work directly with customers to source customized Dyneema® blends or established fabrics. They can also make woven and knitted articles for markets including apparel, industrial, and footwear.
  • We’ll work closely with your marketing team to co-market your product.
  • We maintain a strong presence on social media and high levels of SEO performance to increase the visibility of your product.

Bringing top performance to consumer markets worldwide

Around the globe, consumers are looking for lightweight, high-strength solutions that elevate performance and comfort without compromising on safety – and Dyneema® is perfectly placed to support brands in meeting this demand.

Outdoor gear and sports equipment

Dyneema® makes an impact in this fast-growing market by supporting the creation of tents, tarps, packs, and stuff sacks.


Dyneema®’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of fabric offerings. In fact, articles with as little as 5% Dyneema® show significant performance improvements in tear and tensile strength, as well as abrasion resistance. Successes in this area include motorcycle denim made with Dyneema®, which has passed European-level AA and AAA certification standards – all while maintaining the iconic look and feel of traditional denim.


Using knits and wovens with Dyneema®, it’s possible to develop sneakers with extremely high durability. Meanwhile, flexible Dyneema® Composite Fabrics are used for high-performance shoe applications, such as ultra-light cycling shoes that provide superior protection.

Meet our Premium Manufacturing Partners

Our global network of Premium Manufacturing Partners are ideally placed to provide Dyneema® blended fabrics for various markets. They also have the capabilities to customize and develop new fabrics using Dyneema® by harnessing new fibers, weights, weaves, and fabric properties.

We carefully vet each of these manufacturers for quality, consistency, innnovation, and ability to support brands in meeting their goals. In addition, we’re always looking for new and innovative partners to support emerging markets.


SPECIALTY: Knits with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Sport, fashion, and technical textiles

LOCATION: Götzis, Austria

Fuchshuber Techno-Tex

SPECIALTY: Knits with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Protective clothing, motorcycle apparel, workwear, sportswear

LOCATION: Lichtenstein, Germany

Gayon New Materials

SPECIALTY: Knits and wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Protective clothing, law enforcement, military, workwear, outdoor

LOCATION: Haining, China


SPECIALTY: Wovens and knits with Dyneema

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, apparel, workwear, bags, industrial

LOCATION: Busan, Korea


SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, apparel, workwear, bags, industrial

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain

Lenzi Egisto

SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Footwear, chainsaw, and motorcycle protection

LOCATION: Vaiano, Italy

Naveena Denim

SPECIALTY: Denim with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Durable denim, workwear, motorcycle denim,

LOCATION: Lahore, Pakistan


SPECIALTY: Wovens, knits, and denim with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Apparel, lifestyle, industrial

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan

VdS Weaving

SPECIALTY: Wovens with Dyneema®

APPLICATIONS: Industrial, automotive, filtration, military, protective clothing

LOCATION: Oudenaarde, Belgium

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