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Over its 30-year commercial history, Dyneema® has become a byword for strength in applications and industries all around the world. But our strength extends way beyond our products.

Our strength is in the talent, expertise, and commitment of our people. In our global reach, broad scope, and robust logistics infrastructure. And in our brand’s visibility, reputation, and vision.

You could call these things our added value, but we simply see them as an integral part of the Dyneema® service. Either way, these things matter to us – and they matter to our partners, too. Because when you have Dyneema® on your side, our strengths become yours.

Your strength is in...

Our scale

With manufacturing and technical centers on three continents, Dyneema®’s footprint spans the globe. Our reach ensures we can meet the needs of partners and customers in different markets – while always delivering the same high-quality product, wherever they are. In turn, this helps our customers expand their own activities to new regions.

Our supply chain

Our supply chain and logistics set-up ensures ultimate security of supply, meaning our customers (and theirs) know they’ll always have the Dyneema® ingredients they need. What’s more, unlike generic high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) producers, Dyneema®’s supply chain guarantees product consistency and quality from batch to batch. That means customers can count on high performance, low waste, and increased productivity and cost savings – as well as producing the most premium products in their market.

Our knowledge

Our people are a hub of unparalleled expertise and experience in everything from processing techniques and fiber properties to material performance in final applications. We also have a strong understanding of our customers’ value chains and the broader challenges facing the industries they operate in. Using our world-leading research and development (R&D) capabilities, we fill our innovation pipeline with powerful solutions that anticipate our customers’ and end-users’ future needs. Plus, we’ve got plenty of experience of entering new markets with innovative products – so if you don’t see your application here yet, we can work with you to make it a reality. Naturally, we rigorously protect our formidable intellectual property (IP) portfolio – containing more than 350 registered trademark assets for more than 100 applications – and, therefore, our customers and their products in turn.

Our reputation

Dyneema® is recognized around the world as the supplier of the world’s strongest fiber™. We’re known for the consistently high quality of the fiber we supply and the products it enables. And we’re trusted because of our materials’ reliability and our record of no product recalls. After all, when you see a product bearing the Dyneema® logo, you know it’s been given our stamp of approval – and we also work hard to ensure products containing our ingredient meet, if not exceed, all the requirements of key industry standards and certifications. In turn, the visibility of our premium ingredient increases the value of our customers’ final products.

Our customer support

When it comes to our customers, we at Dyneema® believe in true partnership – and we see our role as guiding the way to the ideal solution, using our knowledge and capabilities. We’ve built a network of Premium Manufacturing Partners who can meet our customers’ every need. We co-develop innovative solutions with our partners. And we train our colleagues to make sure we always provide the best possible care and support. Our advisors and technical and engineering support teams are always on hand to answer questions, resolve problems, and carry out testing – all of which reduces development times for our customers and enables faster times to market. Then, when the time comes, our marketing specialists can help leverage Dyneema®’s brand reputation to ensure our customers’ new products make the splash they deserve.

Our sustainability

From design to manufacturing; from sourcing to end of life. At Dyneema®, we understand – and are committed to – end-to-end sustainability in our products and processes. Not only does conventional Dyneema® have the lowest carbon footprint of any high-performance fiber, but we also offer bio-based Dyneema® fiber: the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber, based on renewable feedstock. This innovation means our partners can choose an even more sustainable solution for their products and move closer to their environmental goals – as well as gaining a competitive edge in the market of today and tomorrow.

Our technical excellence

From Dyneema® fiber to Dyneema® unidirectional (UD) material and Dyneema® fabric, our broad portfolio stands for quality, performance, and unmatched strength. And it’s all founded on our cutting-edge science, technical capabilities, and innovative mindset – helping us manipulate our fiber at the molecular level to control strength and other key material properties. What’s more, we leverage our unique position as the world’s only backward-integrated manufacturer of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) to continuously develop the next generation of high-performance fiber. Unlike suppliers of generic HMPE, we can deliver materials that enable our partners’ products to meet the most stringent industry requirements. For our customers, our technical excellence ultimately means superior end products that open the doors to success and growth.

The strength behind Dyneema®

At Dyneema®, we’re not just the creator and supplier of the world’s strongest fiber™. With us, you get strength plus so much more. Here’s how our value adds up.


registered trademark assets


technical centers around the world


manufacturing sites globally


employees worldwide


years of expertise

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