With a new digital home and refreshed look and feel, the world’s strongest fiber builds on its exceptional heritage while leading innovation for the future

CLEVELAND – January 16, 2024 – Dyneema®, owned by Avient Corporation, a leading provider of specialty and sustainable material solutions, today announces the launch of a new website and brand identity for the world’s strongest fiber. With a new user-centric online platform and modern, premium visual identity, the Dyneema® brand is better placed than ever to showcase its strengths, generate and capture market demand, and meet the needs and expectations of today’s buyers.

In particular, the new online platform provides an up-to-date hub for content and acts as a central touchpoint for engagement and communication with the wider value chain. It currently includes more than a dozen pages dedicated to the different sectors and industries Dyneema® serves, 20 pages aimed at downstream audiences looking for content about end-use applications and products, and seven pages providing system designers and engineers with insights into the technical properties and versatility of Dyneema® materials. Alongside these sit dozens of case studies and blogs, as well as a dedicated sustainability section with key information on how Dyneema® materials can be used to enable a lower environmental footprint and greater circularity. More content is already being developed and will be added throughout 2024.

“The all-new Dyneema.com website will form the heart of campaigns, customer engagement, and our brand growth strategy,” says Jan-Lodewijk Lindemulder, Vice President and General Manager for Dyneema®, at Avient. “Taking a user-centric approach, we’ve developed a content structure that will support customers and end-users throughout their journey. We’re excited to be able to share a wealth of new information that reflects the strengths we bring to the markets we serve – from our unique fibers and technical expertise to our technical know-how and secure global supply chain.”

Formed from two Greek words meaning “strong” and “fiber,” the name Dyneema® has become a byword for strength in applications and industries worldwide. While the brand name therefore remains unchanged, the highly recognizable Dyneema® diamond logo – the ultimate symbol of strength – has been given a modern redesign inspired by the unique manufacturing process that enables Dyneema® fibers to be engineered at the polymer level. The new logo is also designed to have visual synergy with the Avient logo, conveying a stronger connection to Avient as the new owner of the Dyneema® brand, and representing cohesion and unity for all customer and end-user markets.

“With our new website and brand refresh, we’re creating a universal, cohesive, and distinctly recognizable experience across all customer touchpoints,” continues Lindemulder. “The strength of Dyneema® extends beyond our products: our strength is in the talent, expertise, and commitment of our people; in our global reach, broad scope, and robust logistics infrastructure; and our brand’s visibility, reputation, and vision. Our brand is as strong as our organization, embodying the science, power, performance, and protection that customers gain from Dyneema®.”