Ideal for permanent loads in demanding conditions

Developed for use offshore, ropes with Dyneema® Max Technology outperform the alternatives, surpass industry standards for (deep water) permanent mooring solutions, and will outlast the operational life of the installation. Seven times stronger than steel wire rope, the fiber also opens the door to other applications where the strengths of Dyneema® are now no longer compromised by an excessive creep.

Dyneema® Max Technology (Dyneema® DM20) is designed for use in permanently loaded applications in which creep is a consideration. Typically these include offshore deep water mooring lines, mooring solutions for floating offshore wind, guys and stays, and webbings. 

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®


No Creep

Creep resistance increased by a factor of at least 100

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Trusted Strength

Highest strength/weight ratio of all high performance fibers


Service Lifetime

Excellent fatigue and chemical resistance

Designing with HMPE's Creep Property

HMPE fiber is sensitive to long-term static loads and will elongate proportionally with time. This phenomenon is known as creep, and is a process in which the long molecular chains slide along each other. Ever since the commercialization of our HMPE fiber back in the 1990s, Avient has recognized the importance of creep in customer applications. It’s something we have focused on closely and the reason we have since run a program to determine how applications made with Dyneema® will behave when placed under long-term static loads.

Understanding Creep

Understanding creep is crucial when developing applications that involve constant loads.

Advancing scientific understanding of HMPE

Over the course of a multiyear research program, we have determined which variables have a bearing on an HMPE fiber's resistance to creep. This led to the introduction of Dyneema® SK78, which offers good creep properties for most of the applications in which HMPE is used.

Going further, we have now determined the creep characteristics of all Dyneema® fibers. Knowing this we then developed a Creep Design Tool. This can predict creep rate and elongations precisely, and estimate creep lifetime accurately. With offshore industry norms now including the use of this predictive creep model, creep in HMPE is now just another design parameter. And one that is really simple to model.

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