Ultimate bending performance

Strong yet lightweight ropes made with Dyneema® XBO Technology not only outperform other synthetic ropes on bending performance, they also match or even outperform the bending performance of specialty steel wire rope. This makes ropes with Dyneema® XBO Technology ideal for applications where superior bending performance is required.

Think beyond steel

With the increasing need to reduce the total costs of ownership, systems that depend on steel wire rope have reached their limits. Use ropes with Dyneema® XBO Technology to:

  • Match the bending performance of specialty steel wire rope 
  • Ensure best-in-class cyclic bending performance over sheaves
  • Significantly extend service life under extreme bending conditions
  • Upgrade your system from SWR to Dyneema®without compromising on bending performance

Safely replace large-diameter steel wire rope

The potential for using ropes with Dyneema® is supported by the findings of the SIRIUS (Safe Installation with Ropes In Ultradeep Sea) JIP testing program run by DNV, Samson Rope, Technip, Subsea7, and Avient. This JIP explored the bend fatigue performance of large – over 100 mm diameter – fiber ropes made with Dyneema® on small diameter sheaves. The results showed a slightly better fatigue life for the engineered fiber ropes versus traditional steel wire rope. This indicates that large diameter fiber ropes on sheaves can be used in subsea deployment systems containing active heave compensation.

Dyneema® XBO Technology is proven and trusted

Dyneema® XBO Technology is a special coating that is only available in combination with Dyneema® fiber.

Ropes with Dyneema® XBO Technology have the same bending performance as specialty steel wire rope. Dyneema® XBO Technology outperforms all other synthetic fibers and has been specifically developed to deliver superior bending performance.

cycle time chart

The best of two worlds: Dyneema® DM20 XBO

Dyneema® XBO Technology works perfectly with Dyneema® DM20 fiber. The resulting fiber - Dyneema® DM20 XBO - is ideal for designing high strength lightweight synthetic ropes.

Rope with Dyneema® DM20 XBO can run for long periods at maximum payload, even at significantly elevated core temperatures. This is typically seen during Active Heave Compensation mode at maximum payload, with cycle times down to 8 seconds.

Dyneema is experienced in certifying new applications using Dyneema® DM20 XBO to DNV standards.

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