Looking for net gains? Turn to Dyneema® fiber: the ultimate fishing solution

In the commercial fishing industry, every pound counts – so when it comes to equipment, the combination of strength and low weight is the perfect catch. Ropes and netting with both these qualities enable operators to increase catch performance while keeping costs down, avoiding the cumbersome handling and fuel inefficiency associated with heavier ropes and fishing nets.

That’s why commercial netting and ropes made with Dyneema® have been making big waves in the industry. Strong yet light, they help cut fuel costs by up to 25% through reduced drag, while also making boats safer and easier to handle. The net result? Better, more profitable, and more sustainable fishing operations for commercial fishers around the world.

Dyneema® enables STRENGTHplus+

Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber™ – but that’s just the beginning of what it has to offer. Ropes and nets made with Dyneema® are also carefully engineered to be lighter, stronger, and more sustainable than any other on the market.


lighter than nets and ropes made with nylon


longer service lifetime than traditional materials


reduction in carbon emissions


better abrasion resistance compared to conventional PE

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Light and strong in equal measure

Thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Dyneema® supports the creation of lighter, thinner nets and ropes that never compromise on durability. With this superior equipment, commercial fishing vessels can maximize their operational performance, crew safety, and profitability in all maritime environments.

To put things in perspective: a rope made with Dyneema® weighs less than one-sixth of an equivalent straight rope made with steel wire. Compared to nylon, Dyneema®-based nets and ropes are just one-third of the weight at the same strength. And this lightweighting delivers a wide array of benefits for commercial fishing operators. 

For unrivaled performance, safety, and flexibility

  • Smaller twines result in less drag

  • Lightweighting allows for more rapid turns

  • Easier to raise and lower nets to different depths

  • Lighter equipment is easier to handle and therefore safer

  • Lower risk of backlash (versus steel) if warp wires break

  • No risk of steel threads sticking out and causing hand injuries

  • More free space on deck

  • Larger nets and ropes with no need for more storage space

  • More options to carry multiple nets for different fish species

Superior fuel economy for lower costs

Keeping energy costs down is a top priority for commercial fishing operations – and the reduced drag of Dyneema®-based netting and ropes makes this possible. In addition to improving fuel economy, the high durability of Dyneema® fiber significantly reduces maintenance costs and enables considerably longer service lifetimes. It all adds up to more efficient voyages – and higher profits.

For greater efficiency and lower costs

  • Vessels can make the same fishing trip using less fuel

  • Fishing trips can last longer using the same amount of fuel

  • Vessels can travel at higher speeds and reduce voyage time

  • Nets and ropes three times more resistant to abrasion than conventional PE

  • Resistant to salt and most chemicals

  • Less downtime due to lower levels of net and rope breakage

  • Service lifetime is up to three times longer than traditional materials

  • Ropes can be reused or repurposed in the net or on deck

Bringing sustainability to the surface

Ropes and nets made with Dyneema® do more than enhance catch performance; their unique material properties also help commercial fishing operators meet their sustainability goals.

By supporting lower fuel consumption for commercial fishing vessels, Dyneema® enables reductions in their carbon emissions by up to 40%. What’s more, Dyneema® has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber.

For even larger emission reductions, we make bio-based Dyneema® fiber available to all our customers. Made with plant-based raw materials, it delivers the same exceptional performance as conventional Dyneema® while carrying a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber.

At the same time, we’re committed to embedding circularity at every stage of our products’ life cycles, including a “take-back” program for old or discarded equipment made using Dyneema® fiber.

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Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

Thanks to Dyneema®, we’ve achieved savings of up to 45%. We’ve outfitted 100% of our fleet with it and our success has convinced other companies to convert their gear as well. The cost savings mean we can recoup the initial investment cost after just one year! We’re convinced this is the best route to reduce costs and improve efficiency and profitability.

Oscar Valdez Rodriguez, Owner and Operator, Pesquera Delly S.A.

Dyneema® has supported reductions in fuel consumption and subsequent CO2 emissions. This is good for the environment and good for the fishing industry, so we recommend other fishing companies adopt this new material.

Johan Müller, Fishing Fleet Manager, Cornelis Vrolijk

Not buying wire for six years, making substantial fuel savings, and improving our catch performance is what’s called a hat-trick in soccer! Our comparisons show a 7.5% reduction in fuel consumption, which translates to a 360,000 liter saving over the 300 days we spend at sea every year.

Gudlaugur Jónsson, Skipper, Ingunn

We’re able to use 350 fathoms of warps instead of 250 fathoms when fishing at around 50 fathoms – the most common fishing depth for Alaska pollock. We also gain 10 fathoms’ more trawl opening and the trawl shape is more consistent while turning, fishing around currents, and moving when the bag fills up.

Jack Bronson, Skipper, Great Pacific

Stronger together

We work with a wide net of premium partners with serious expertise in manufacturing robust, safe, and dependable ropes and netting for commercial fishing applications. What’s more, they’re happy to offer service and maintenance packages that keep your operations afloat, whatever the weather.  

Where to buy

Commercial fishing nets and ropes made with Dyneema® fiber are available from our trusted sellers across the globe.

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