Delivering net gains for fish farmers worldwide

Netting made with Dyneema® is an integral part of the global aquaculture industry. Explore the map to discover the range of our impact.


North Atlantic – Because Dyneema® excels in high-energy situations, it’s highly suited for rough maritime conditions

Norway – As Norwegian fish farms deploy bigger nets and systems, the lightweight strength of Dyneema® makes it their material of choice

Mediterranean – Dyneema®’s anti-biting protection is highly valued by fish farmers based in Europe and North Africa

APAC – Outperforming the heavy competition in the region, Dyneema® is increasingly recognized as a preferred solution for the aquaculture industry

South America – With more stringent netting standards and regulations being implemented, more and more fish farmers are turning to high-quality Dyneema®-based netting systems

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The industry standard for top performance

Dyneema® isn’t just the world’s strongest fiber™ – it’s also light enough to float on water. Its unique strength-to-weight ratio enables superior performance, reliability, and safety across the full spectrum of aquaculture operational environments.

For lightweight performance

  • 66% lighter than nylon equivalents while providing superior durability and protection

  • Low weight and natural buoyancy increase operational safety, particularly for bigger cages

For uncompromising strength

  • Superior breaking strength compared to other netting materials

  • Protection against fish biting and predator entry

  • Excellent performance in high-energy situations – ideal for rough maritime conditions

  • Enables construction of larger nets and more ambitious aquaculture systems, in line with industry trends toward offshore farming concepts and green licenses

For outstanding anti-fouling performance

  • Thinner twines make it harder for fouling organisms to attach to netting materials

  • Reduced twine surface area means less anti-fouling coating is required

For enhanced reliability and safety

  • Longer service life than competitive materials

  • Easy to repair and maintain through regular underwater checks

Strengthening a sustainable future

In addition to best-in-class technical performance, netting made with Dyneema® helps operators reduce their planetary impact. In fact, did you know that Dyneema® has the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength of any high-performance fiber? 

Thanks to Dyneema®’s lightweight properties, netting-related emissions from Dyneema®-based aquaculture cages are 65% lower than those from nylon equivalents. What’s more, the reduced need for anti-fouling measures not only enables a 50% decrease in metal depletion on land but also lowers pollution in marine environments, helping to support healthier ecosystems.

And that’s not all: we’re also proud to offer bio-based Dyneema® fiber to all our customers. This ISCC-certified fiber offers the same exceptional performance as conventional Dyneema, with a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE. Of course, we know sustainability is a team effort – so we engage with stakeholders throughout our value chain to embed circularity into every stage of our products’ life cycles. 

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We use Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, to develop nets that can handle challenging offshore conditions. It’s the most robust rope and netting technology that exists today – and we’re proud to use it on our projects.

Bente Lund Jacobsen, CEO, Morenot Aquaculture

A decade ago, Kiliç switched to using netting made with Dyneema® – and we’ve never looked back! As a truly reliable netting solution, Dyneema® has enhanced our operational performance and strengthened Kiliç’s market position.

Hakan Adamcil, Fish Farm Manager, Kiliç Seafish Aquaculture

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