Different seas might present different weather conditions and different fish stocks, but commercial fishing operations face the same universal challenges, from costs and productivity to safety and sustainability. It’s no surprise that fishing crews in regions as diverse as Mexico and New Zealand are embracing the lightweight strength of Dyneema® fiber in their equipment.

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The best route to reduce costs

For the Pesquera Delly shrimp trawling fleet and the Commercializadora Maritima (CMI) net company in Mexico, the big challenge was to improve catch performance while keeping costs under control. Oil consumption, for instance, was a major expense, especially when using small mesh nets. Time to turn to nets made with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, supplied by the Japanese manufacturer NET Systems.

How do these nets cut costs? First, since they’re lighter and can be used with a smaller mesh and twine, they have significantly less drag – so vessels can fish for longer with the same amount of fuel (or make the same trip using less fuel). Second, nets made with Dyneema® are extremely durable, giving them a longer service life and reducing replacement costs. Third, they’re easier to handle, which improves productivity on board and avoids costly injuries to crew.

After trialing just two UltraCross® Silver nets, the owner of Pesquera Delly and CMI knew he’d found the perfect solution for his entire fleet. “This is the best route to reduce costs,” Oscar Valdez Rodriguez said. “With these Dyneema®-based nets, we’ve seen savings of up to 45% overall, across diesel, wear and tear of machinery and equipment, and net repairs and replacements. Whereas we have to replace nylon nets every season, the nets made with Dyneema® have lasted more than five years – improving efficiency and profitability!”

In fact, the fleet now uses ropes and bridles, as well as netting, made with Dyneema® fiber – and aquaculture cages are next in line to get the Dyneema® treatment. Even the Mexican government was impressed with the impact of switching to Dyneema®, setting up programs to upgrade fishing nets made of traditional nylon or regular polyethylene to alternatives made with Dyneema®.

Making single rigging more viable

Off the coast of New Zealand, meanwhile, fishing nets made with Dyneema® – manufactured by Dutch firm Van Beelen Industry & Trade and supplied by Motueka Nets – quickly made an impact on board the Talley’s Deep Sea Fishing fleet.

Three of its vessels were fitted with rigging made from Dyneema®. In every case, this simple change helped cut operating costs significantly, especially when it came to fuel and maintenance. What’s more, the lightweight Dyneema®-based gear also meant the fleet could stop using twin rigging and return to single-rig trawling, bringing important financial advantages.

Just as in Mexico, the switch meant a faster return on investment for Talley’s – as well as greater safety for its crew and the sustainability benefits of using less fuel. Enabling big wins like these, Dyneema® fiber is a friend to fishing operations all around the world!

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