For more than 30 years, Dyneema® has been a trusted ally for law enforcement and military organizations around the world. Renowned for its combination of low weight and superior ballistic stopping power, Dyneema® delivers unmatched protection – to protect those who protect us.

The industries we serve:

  • Law enforcement

  • First responders

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Are you a procurement officer?
Because every organization has unique operational needs, our global team of experts provides targeted recommendations based on your precise tactical requirements. And because we’re manufacturer agnostic, we’re well placed to advise you on the best approach before you start your tender process. Through our dedicated, personalized support, we can help you procure protective gear with appropriate levels of stopping power, lightweighting, and cost effectiveness.

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Are you a ballistic protection system designer?

If you’re looking to design top performance into your system, why not work with our team? Reach out to learn more about using Dyneema® to create protective armor systems that keep personnel safe, comfortable, and effective in the line of duty.

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