Faced with new and emerging threats, military agencies in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) are seeking the next generation of ballistic solutions. Thanks to our broad portfolio of innovative, high-performance fibers and unidirectional (UD) materials, our experienced regional team, and our Singapore technical center, they need look no further than Dyneema®.

Diamond Background

Supporting South Korea’s military lightweight plan

When the Republic of Korea (ROK) Special Warfare Command (SWC) in South Korea issued a tender in conjunction with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Dyneema® was more than able to assist. We worked closely with our partner, BMI, to develop a high-performing, lightweight ballistic helmet usingDyneema® Force Multiplier Technology: a solution that met all requirements and passed additional AR/PD 10-2 testing at NTS in the USA with flying colors.

The new SWC ballistic helmet is part of the Korean military’s lightweight plan, known as the Warrior Platform Project. Thanks to Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology, the helmet weighs 20% less than its predecessor while simultaneously increasing fragment protection by 25%.

Following our successful collaboration with BMI, the ROK has set up a long-term procurement plan for 4,200 units of the next-generation SWC helmet. It’s a powerful example of what can happen when the intrinsic performance characteristics of Dyneema® – enabling advanced ballistic stopping power without sacrificing user comfort or mobility – come together with the manufacturing expertise of our trusted partners.

Easing the burden on personnel

Take helmets, for instance. Military and government agencies across APAC want higher protection levels at lower weight, enabling optimal safety for military service personnel in high-risk environments. At Avient, we know the drill – and we’re always pushing for better. For more than a decade, we’ve worked closely with body armor manufacturing partners across APAC to produce ballistic helmets with world-leading performance at an unparalleled low weight.

After all, we know heavy armor loads can negatively impact the wearer’s performance by reducing their situational awareness, cognitive recognition, tactical performance, and mobility. But we also know the solution: helmets made with Dyneema®.

That’s because Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology offers up to 25% weight reduction versus competitive materials, while still protecting against both legacy and emerging threats. The result? Helmets that lower the burden on the wearer while ensuring zero compromise on protection.

Support where our APAC customers need it

At Avient, we’re committed to being there for our customers and our wider value chain, even when times are tough. During the volatile external developments of the past few years, we’ve taken steps to add even more value to the defense sector in APAC: increasing raw material stocks and production capacity, setting up a regional warehouse, and introducing two new product grades (Dyneema® SB125 and Dyneema® HB30, for soft and hard armor applications respectively). What’s more, we also launched the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber, for more sustainable personal protection solutions.

The cornerstone of our APAC offering? Our regional team of experts, always on hand to support our value chain in co-developing ballistic concepts using Dyneema® UD. Not only can our specialists share the insights they’ve gained from decades of ballistic industry experience, but they’re also supported by the ample resources available at Dyneema®’s dedicated technical center in Singapore. As APAC’s defense sector faces up to the challenges of the future, we’ll be right alongside our partners and customers, every step of the way.

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