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Dyneema® provides a full spectrum of ballistic solutions to protect those who protect us.


Soft body armor

Head/face protection

Hard body armor/shields

Land, air & sea vehicle protection

Spall liner protection

Vehicle floor mine protection

Radar dome protection

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Dyneema® keeps weight low – and performance high

With its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Dyneema® material enables a lighter load for protective equipment. The result? Personnel can move faster for longer, carry more life-saving equipment, and enhance their cognitive and tactical performance thanks to greater levels of comfort. All of this translates to superior mission performance – without ever sacrificing on protection. 

The same benefits apply to land, sea, and air vehicles. Lightweight vehicles protected with Dyneema® travel further, carry heavier loads, and consume less fuel than those using competitive materials. Dyneema® fiber also plays an essential protective role in other defense applications, such as mooring lines for navy vessels, where it takes rope strength, safety, and durability to the next level.

Across all defense applications, Dyneema® delivers the highest protection and lowest weight – making it the fiber of choice for the world’s most elite armed forces.


Three decades of fulfilling military requests

With more than 30 years’ experience in the defense industry, we know what it takes to support the shifting needs of the personal protection market. And we’ve put this knowhow into practice time after time, meeting highly complex military requests by harnessing our best-in-class innovation capabilities.

Rely on us

Our service excellence also extends to quality and security of supply. We’re the only manufacturer that can offer in-house production of the key components needed to make Dyneema® unidirectional (UD) material: in other words, both Dyneema® fiber and the raw material for this fiber are part of our own supply chain. This enables complete traceability of raw materials, localized production, and strategically resilient supply chains.

In fact, Dyneema® UD is manufactured at two sites – one each in North America and Europe – with independent supply chains and large capacities. This dual setup enables consistent, high-quality manufacturing, close to our customers and end users.

Together, our deep understanding of military needs, reliable supply chain, local production, and innovation leadership in materials science make Dyneema® a trusted long-term partner for the defense industry.

Consistent protection through constant innovation

When developing armor solutions, reduced weight and increased protection levels are the core requirements for militaries and law enforcement agencies. At Dyneema®, our broad range of innovation capabilities allow us to meet these needs head on.

Our innovations in armor solutions have saved countless lives in combat zones worldwide. And while we’re proud of these achievements, we’re firm believers that innovation is a journey, not a destination. As new ballistic threats emerge, we have the resources and expertise to keep innovating our product portfolio – and to continue protecting those who protect us.


  • We focus on developing innovative materials

  • We support manufacturers who want to keep pushing the boundaries of ballistic protection applications

  • Our technical service team and application development engineers can help speed up development times and improve application performance

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