Diamond Background

Advanced threats need advanced protection – and today's complex geopolitical landscape means the demand for high-performance solutions for military personnel and critical equipment has never been greater. When it comes to armored vehicles, the challenge for the EU and NATO is to provide robust protection against a wide range of threats while still ensuring the agility needed to achieve mission success in all kinds of terrain. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also vehicle electrification programs and supply-chain security requirements to contend with, adding new dimensions to decision-making.

To balance these demands, numerous EU and NATO countries put their trust in Dyneema®. Our fiber has been used in military vehicle armor deployed in many operational theaters, including in large volumes during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s because Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, accelerates ahead of the pack when it comes to all-round high performance in armored vehicles, delivering unparalleled capabilities and unrivaled protection.

Where light meets might

Keeping personnel and equipment both safe and mobile in armored vehicles is made easier thanks to Dyneema®'s innovative solutions. Fifteen times stronger than steel but light enough to float on water, Dyneema® fiber seamlessly integrates into multiple aspects of military vehicle design, combining strength with ease of handling.

In the case of an overmatched threat, Dyneema® offers the most protection at a given weight of any armor solution (including steel or aramid), safeguarding a vehicle, its occupants, and its contents against debris from vehicle hulls, ballistic threats, and applique armor. What’s more, our ultra-lightweight armor solution does this while reducing weight by 50% for specific threats. Not only does Dyneema®-based armor increase payload capacity, mobility, and operational speed, but it also enhances fuel efficiency, making military vehicles more cost effective and versatile across a variety of operational scenarios.

Protecting people and planet

For many EU and NATO countries, combating climate change and demonstrating responsible resource management are growing concerns. This holds true even in military operations, where lower fuel consumption brings not only an environmental benefit but also a strategic advantage, contributing to increased operational range and efficiency. In turn, these elevated strategic and logistical capabilities can ultimately improve the overall effectiveness of military operations.

As a result, many elite forces are carrying out vehicle electrification programs. With electric components adding weight to military vehicles, Dyneema®'s lightweight armor solutions become even more critical. Using advanced composites and lightweight alloys, Dyneema®’s approach achieves a high level of protection without compromising the benefits of electrification, from improved fuel efficiency to reduced environmental impact. Our dedication to enabling a lower carbon footprint in military vehicles puts our partners in the driving seat when it comes to better operational sustainability.

Diamond Backgroun

Committed to quality and reliability

At Dyneema®, we also have a responsibility to provide safe end-user products (and critical components) with known traceability. Accordingly, we manufacture both Dyneema® fiber and the corresponding unidirectional (UD) sheets in the US and Europe. This commitment enhances national security by establishing a consistent and secure supply chain for defense-related components, minimizing vulnerability to disruption and geopolitical risks from non-NATO sources.

Dyneema®'s trusted solutions for military vehicles stand as a testament to our commitment to unmatched strength plus innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our armor solutions have been proven over many years and in many scenarios – and we’ll continue to redefine standards as we pursue ever-higher levels of protection, ease of handling, and sustainability in military operations.

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