Sourcing materials for protective armor? Choose transparency you can trust

In today’s tumultuous world, defense spending is on the increase – and it’s more important than ever to know what exactly you’re getting from your purchase. But as demand for personal protective equipment grows, so does the lack of transparency around material sourcing and the intricacies of the value chain.

With Dyneema®, you can rest assured of premium performance, right down to the fiber level.

From critical components to end-use products

People often say it’s what’s inside that really matters – and that’s rarely truer than with ballistic protection solutions.

But when it comes to armor applications, much of the sourcing focus is on the origin of the ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) unidirectional (UD) material. Sure, that’s important – but for protection you can count on, you need to peel back the layers. Because it matters where it's made: not just the final armor product or the UD sheets inside, but also the fiber that makes the UD. 

After all, just because a ballistic material manufacturer supplies its UD from the USA or Europe, it doesn't mean the ingredient fiber was also made there, or even in a NATO(-friendly) country. This lack of upstream visibility means a lack of control over the quality, consistency and reliability of the end product – and a lack of trust in the performance and protection it provides. But with Dyneema®, it's different. 

The Dyneema® difference: Born from science

Other UHMWPE manufacturers buy their raw polyethylene from a supplier, which means they can’t make changes to the molecular structure of the polymer. 

At Dyneema®, we deploy a backward-integration approach; namely, using our own raw materials to make UHMWPE powder, so we can perform molecular engineering at the polymer stage. Our engineering expertise means we can increase the strength of our material, ensuring Dyneema® is quite simply the strongest synthetic fiber on the market.

The next step in creating ballistic armor is to transform our fiber into Dyneema® UD composite material. We layer and laminate the yarns and impregnate them with different resins, depending on the desired properties of the end application – whether that’s a ballistic vest insert, a molded helmet, or a protective panel for a vehicle.

Secure and stable supply

Over recent years, we’ve seen many new UD producers enter the market– and disappear just as quickly. But given that ballistic protection products are often used for 10 or more years, we know our customers want solutions they can trust to provide long-term, high-level reliability.

In fact, for US military applications, the Berry Amendment covers both the UD sheet and the fiber it’s made from. But there’s no such protection in for law enforcement applications or in Europe, which makes it essential to be fully certain of the origins of your source materials. With Dyneema®, you gain the peace of mind that comes with strategically resilient supply chains that keep fiber and UD production close to home

Made in the USA and Europe

For the US market, Dyneema® fiber and Dyneema® UD are manufactured exclusively at our facility in Greenville, NC – a site employing more than 400 US workers, of whom 10% are military veterans. Meanwhile, our presence in Heerlen, the Netherlands, means we can deliver equivalent supply assurances for our European customers, with no change in our commitment to quality and reliability.

In addition, our Technical Service Centers on both continents support American- and European-based body armor manufacturers in next-generation product development.

Diamond Background
Our dual manufacturing approach
  • Quality, consistency, and security of supply

  • No dependencies on non-NATO materials

  • No disruption due to supply chain issues

  • Consistency and quality in manufacturing

  • Reliability of product

  • No international transport of materials required

Our strength is yours

Dyneema® may be a byword for ultimate strength, but we bring so much more to the table. From our trusted supply chain and global scale to our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, we’re the go-to partner for elite military and law enforcement agencies around the world – helping to protect those who protect us.

  • 350+ registered trademark assets

  • 3 technical centers around the world

  • 30+ years of expertise

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