Diamond Background

Did you know that American-made equipment has been the standard for the US military since 1941, and was in fact codified in law in 2002? It makes sense – not only from a safety and security point of view, but also because it supports US industry.

There may be no such requirement for law enforcement and emergency services equipment today, but the appeal of “American made” is the same. After all, when it comes to police, first responders, or others who protect us, there’s simply no room for malfunction or delay.

So, what does American-made mean for body armor and protective equipment – and how does Dyneema® fiber and unidirectional (UD) material help protect those who protect us?

Diamond Background

Premium quality
American made stands for quality you can count on when it matters most. With established health and safety regulations, qualified workers, manufacturing requirements, and rigorous oversight, our start-to-finish production process in Greenville, NC results in elevated craftsmanship and care.

Supply consistency
When you don’t source and transport materials across the globe, you cut down the risk of supply chain issues. That’s one major advantage of Dyneema®’s backwards-integrated manufacturing processes, which ensure products are available when and where they’re needed most.

Economic security
It’s simple: American-made products mean more American jobs. And that supports local economies and creates a domino effect of opportunity and growth – in manufacturing, energy, construction, and more – across the country, now and in the future.

Dyneema®: Unmatched performance and protection

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is proudly made by Americans, for Americans. We’re the only backwards-integrated manufacturer of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE). And we engineer at the molecular level to provide unrivaled levels of performance and ensure ultimate protection for those on the front line.

It all results in a product that’s 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float on water. And it’s manufactured with:

- No dependencies on materials from abroad
- No international supply chain to cause supply disruption
- Increased quality oversight

Since 2004, the Dyneema® manufacturing facility in Greenville has been the hub for next-generation product development, employing more than 400 full-time workers (10% of whom are military veterans). Plus, they work closely with our Marketing & Sales and Technical Services teams to develop ballistic solutions that meet today’s advanced and emerging threats.

At Avient, we know quality matters – especially when protecting those who protect us. And we’re proud to provide quality that’s trusted by some of the world’s most elite forces. Body armor made with Dyneema®, our American-made fiber and UD material, ensures that US military members, first responders, and law enforcement officers have the protective equipment they need, when they need it most.

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