In a sector that’s all about balancing quality with scale, efficiency with safety, and performance with sustainability, Dyneema® has been making the difference for decades.

Diamond Background

The industries we serve

  • Mining

  • Construction industry

  • Food industry

  • Glass industry

  • White goods manufacturing

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Support for construction, mining, manufacturing, and more
As the world’s strongest fiber™, Dyneema® is perfectly placed to keep people working safely and operations running smoothly. But it also comes with a host of other unmatched benefits – benefits that ensure products made with our high-performance materials stand out from the crowd, day after day. Want to know more? Get in touch with our expert team.

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Are you an engineer or a designer?

If you’re always working to develop next generation products, why not get in touch with our Dyneema® specialists? As well as our high-performance fibers, we’ve got technical centers across the globe. Expert teams with an eye on innovation. And the certification support you need to keep people, planet, and operations healthier.

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