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No substitute for safety

Automotive and steel production is changing fast. But safety is one trend that never goes out of style. That's why countless industry players rely on Dyneema® – the world's strongest fiber™ – to deliver unrivaled protection in garments, from cut-resistant gloves and sleeves to uniforms and beyond.

Dyneema®’s unmatched strength-to-weight ratio provides superior strength, abrasion resistance, and protection without compromising on performance. All this is possible in a lightweight fabric that draws heat away from the body, so workers stay cool and comfortable shift after shift. What’s more, unlike conventional solutions like glass fiber, fibers created with our Dyneema® Diamond Technology remain flexible under pressure, avoiding breakages and consequent skin irritation.

In other words, at Dyneema®, we’re experts in supporting the development of protective gloves and other apparel that workers actually want to wear, all day long. What better way to protect your team – and your operations?

Cutting costs, not corners

In the face of rising input costs, economic volatility, and other increases in budget pressures, many automotive and steel manufacturers are looking for quick fixes to reduce expenses. One possible target is personal protective equipment – but cheaper garments rarely translate into long-term savings.

In harsh industrial environments, protective workwear based on (for example) aramid rapidly loses functionality through a combination of repeated abrasion and machine washing, and needs to be frequently replaced.

Dyneema® fiber overcomes this inefficiency. It provides materials with superior durability that allows workwear to perform at a high level day after day – which not only prevents injuries and bolsters productivity on the assembly line, but also dramatically reduces replacement costs.

Take cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology: based on average use in industrial environments, they only need to be replaced nine times per year, compared to 26 times for aramid-reinforced gloves. Just think about the return on investment you could gain across your entire workforce…

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Sustainability starts on the factory floor

As the mobility transition accelerates, sustainability is fast becoming a driving force in automotive manufacturing. Likewise, as a hard-to-abate industry, steel fabrication is under growing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint.

The good news? Adding just a small amount of Dyneema® fiber to workwear and protective garments can make a big difference to their environmental impact. Dyneema®’s superior durability makes it more resistant to wear and laundering, extending the lifetime of the end product. The higher strength-to-weight ratio of our technology versus traditional protective fabrics also means less material is needed – helping to preserve precious resources and save on energy in transport. Better still, lighter Dyneema® fabrics dry faster, minimizing the need for energy-intensive machine drying.

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Using Dyneema® Diamond Technology in our designs has allowed us to produce gloves that feel like a second skin: they’re enjoyable to wear while providing excellent cut resistance and functionality. One of our most exciting breakthroughs is a glove that offers touchscreen compatibility – so it stays on the wearer’s hands when it matters.

Kieran Tydeman, Director, Stalsen

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