Dyneema® Diamond Technology for ultra-lightweight gloves with all-out protection

A worker’s hands are their livelihood, yet hand injuries are twice as common in factories as injuries to other parts of the upper body. The good news? 70% of these injuries could be avoided if workers wore protective gloves – but workers often remove their gloves because they limit the movement and comfort required to do their job.

With Dyneema®; however, a workable, wearable solution is at your fingertips. Gloves made with Dyneema® fiber are built for all-day wear, delivering unparalleled cut protection, dexterity, and comfort. In fact, they’re the safest, most comfortable protective gloves on the market. Hands down.

Dyneema® enables STRENGTHplus+

As the world’s strongest fiber™, Dyneema® delivers better cut-protection performance than any competitive material. And strength is just one aspect of its appeal.


lighter than aramid fiber*


lighter and thinner than generic HMPE fiber gloves with the same cut level**


improvement in cut resistance compared to aramid*

*Dyneema® Diamond Technology; **Dyneema® 3GX19-330 fiber

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Dyneema® Diamond Technology: Next-generation protection and comfort

Frontline workers need gloves that protect like body armor while feeling supple to wear – and our Dyneema® Diamond Technology eliminates any trade-off between safety and comfort.

To make it, we embed specially engineered microparticles at the polymer manufacturing stage, enabling the production of yarn with more than double the cut resistance of standard Dyneema®. In addition to its structural integrity, Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber enables glove manufacturers to create thinner, lightweight designs for maximum user comfort. With its combination of unmatched strength, cool-touch comfort, and exceptional durability, Dyneema® Diamond Technology is the crown jewel when it comes to effective cut-protection gloves.

Inside Dyneema® Diamond Technology

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is the only high performance single yarn solution for ultra thin and comfortable glove design at a higher level of reliable cut protection performance.


Radiates heat away from hands for all-day comfort

Thin fiber for better feel and control

Thin yarns for easy movement

Consistent quality of fibers for reliable protection

Durable and washable

Ultra-lightweight and cool to wear

Increased cut resistance without fiberglass discomfort

Unrivaled quality control for reliable protection

Hands up for cut, abrasion, and tear resistance

Protection with weak spots – as in fiberglass solutions – isn’t true protection. Our patent-protected Dyneema® Diamond Technology takes the performance and durability of cut-resistant gloves to a whole new level. 

For consistent, reliable hand protection, no other material comes close to touching Dyneema® Diamond Technology, which is specially engineered to deliver ultimate security. The result? Fewer injuries to workers, fewer working days lost, and a more productive, profitable operation.

For superior protection

  • No weak spots, unlike fiberglass gloves

  • Protection against cuts, abrasion, punctures, and tears

  • Withstands exposure to UV light, oil, solvents, and cleaning fluids

  • Tolerates the most abrasive, aggressive working environments

  • Double the cut resistance compared to aramid

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Comfort and dexterity, all day long

Cut-resistant gloves are only useful – and safe – when they’re being worn. That’s why gloves made with Dyneema® are always designed with wearer comfort in mind.

Our unique high-flex solutions avoid the common drawbacks of fiberglass gloves, like broken filaments rubbing and irritating the skin. But Dyneema® Diamond Technology keeps workers cool in other ways too. 

Our fibers have high heat conductivity, driving body heat away from the hand faster than typical technologies and preventing the build-up of heat and sweat inside the glove, improving comfort, dexterity, and – most importantly – control.

For all-day comfort at your fingertips

  • Disperses heat away from the glove, enabling better thermal regulation and fewer sweaty hands

  • Smooth, fine fibers are comfortable for sensitive skin

  • Thin, flexible yarn enables easy, natural hand movements

  • Excellent grip, feel, and control

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Gloves that go the distance

When you can enjoy the performance and comfort of Dyneema®-based gloves, you want them to last as long as possible. Great news: gloves made with Dyneema® have a much longer lifespan than alternatives like glass fiber solutions, which deteriorate quickly. Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is based on technology that’s been proven in the lab and the real world – with gloves made using our fibers passing ASTM cut-resistance tests as well as EN3888 mechanical hazard tests.

Our rigorous approach to quality control means we offer a Dyneema® performance promise to all our customers – so if you’re looking for reliable, long-lasting protection, look no further.

For performance that’s built to last

  • High damage resistance and durability

  • Fewer replacements for lower operational costs

  • Protection level unaffected by washing

  • Produced to strict and consistent manufacturing standards

  • Proven under EN388 mechanical hazards testing

  • Proven under US ASTM cut-resistance testing

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A helping hand on sustainability

Superior cut protection keeps people safe – but that shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet. Traditional protective gloves, reinforced with glass fibers or aramid, bring a significant environmental cost due to their heavy weight and high material demand.

Dyneema®, on the other hand, has been uniquely engineered to have the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any HMPE. In fact, producing 10,000 pairs of gloves with Dyneema® emits less than half of the CO2 generated in manufacturing the same number of aramid-based gloves, and less than two-thirds of the emissions of generic HMPE.

Let Dyneema® help you meet your sustainability goals


Customers can opt for bio-based Dyneema® fiber, which offers the same exceptional performance as conventional Dyneema® with a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber. This means every 10,000 pairs of gloves saves the equivalent of charging two million smartphones!


We use 100% renewable electricity in our manufacturing processes, which also require much less material usage and generate less waste than aramid processes.


Incinerating gloves made with Dyneema® doesn’t product any hazardous gases. Plus, longer service lifetimes and washability contribute to a lower carbon footprint.


Gloves made with Dyneema® last longer, resulting in less material usage over time. We also embed circularity into every stage of our products’ life cycles, including collection schemes for used gloves.

Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

Glass is for windows, not for gloves

Glass fiber is often used in protective gloves to achieve high levels of cut resistance, but it’s simply not the right material for the job.

For one thing, it’s brittle: the yarn breaks all too easily during wear or washing – and broken fibers equal less protection. Then, because fiberglass gloves are so uncomfortable to wear, workers often take them off, which defeats the entire purpose of protective gloves and leads to non-compliance with established safety protocols.

Thanks to the unique material properties of Dyneema®, these downsides are a thing of the past. Gloves made with Dyneema® fiber don’t rely on the integrity of delicate glass filaments for protection; their cut resistance comes from microparticles within the fiber itself. This superior structural integrity allows manufacturers to produce lighter, thinner, safer gloves that workers want to keep wearing.

Glass is great in bottles and buildings – but for the best hand protection and comfort, only Dyneema® will do.

Using Dyneema® Diamond Technology in our designs has allowed us to produce gloves that feel like a second skin: they’re enjoyable to wear while providing excellent cut resistance and functionality. One of our most exciting breakthroughs is a glove that offers touchscreen compatibility – so it stays on the wearer’s hands when it matters.

Kieran Tydeman, Director, Stalsen

We quickly realized that gloves with Dyneema® were lasting an average of three days, while aramid gloves lasted only five to six hours. Over the past year, our annual spending on gloves has more than halved. Meanwhile, the number of hand lacerations has decreased by 90%, which has dramatically reduced the company’s medical costs.

Mike Kissell, Director Human Resources and Safety, Choice Fabrications

By switching to gloves made with Dyneema®, our plant has reduced its glove purchasing costs by 60% in just six months. The new gloves also have a positive effect on productivity – enabling our employees to handle small parts more effectively without dropping or fumbling. Last but not least, the company has achieved significant savings due to the avoidance of hand and finger lacerations.

Where to buy

Cut-protection gloves made with Dyneema® are available from our trusted partners around the globe.

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Our global testing capabilities

We only put our logo on tried and tested gloves with proven protection – gloves containing at least 30% Dyneema®. And to help ensure workers’ safety, we’ve designed a full suite of state-of-the-art tests at our dedicated facilities in Asia and Europe.

Cut-resistance test – EN388 COUP

Evaluating the cut resistance of gloves using a rotating circular blade. The results of the test are used to assign a cut-resistance level from 1 to 5.

Cut-resistance test – TDM-100

Measuring the cut level according to key international safety standards, such as ISO 13997 and ASTM F2992.

Puncture-resistance tensile test

Measuring puncture resistance based on EN388 mechanical test standards. Also suitable for testing the tensile and elongation properties of fabrics based on ISO 13934 test standards.

Abrasion-resistance test

Evaluating the number of cycles a glove can resist while rubbed against standard abrasive material at a constant load. The abrasion level is determined according to EN388 test standards.

Yarn-twist test

Measuring the number of twists and turns applied during the yarn covering process – a critical metric to define the comfort and cut performance of a cut-resistant article.

Microscopic analysis

Studying the surface morphology of technical fibers to understand the composition and construction of articles.

Preferred. Trusted. Certified.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is globally recognized for its outstanding quality, consistency, and performance – as highlighted by our array of third-party certifications and standards. Contact us to find out more.

Contact our sales team

Want to get your hands on our cut-resistant glove solutions? We’re not surprised. Dyneema® has an extensive portfolio of cut-protection product grades, tailored for different industries, applications, and uses – plus, with our team, you can rely on a wealth of expertise and advice at your fingertips.

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25 years of cut protection – and counting

When it comes to cut protection, Dyneema® has been changing the game for more than a quarter of a century. But we’re not stopping here: working with our partners, we’re continuously innovating to find ways to develop lighter, more comfortable, more cut-resistant gloves.


Production of Dyneema® begins at Greenville, USA site


First cut-resistant gloves with Dyneema®


Licensing model for Dyneema® developed in cut-resistant market


Dyneema® available for use in high-protection textiles


Dyneema® brand globally recognized for cut protection


Launch of Dyneema® Diamond Technology


Launch of second generation Dyneema® Diamond Technology


Launch of bio-based Dyneema® fiber available for gloves

Stronger together

We work hand in hand with our trusted manufacturing partners to ensure every glove delivers the utmost levels of cut protection, comfort, and durability. The result? Safer hands – and greater peace of mind – even in tough working conditions.

Design with Dyneema®

If you’re a designer for cut-protection systems like industrial gloves, why not get in touch with our specialists? The Dyneema® team would love to support you in developing the next generation of hand safety gear – using the world’s strongest fiber™, of course.

As well as our high-performance fibers, we’ve got technical centers across the globe. Expert teams with an eye on innovation. And certification support to keep workers safe and operations healthy. So let’s see what we can achieve together.

Design with Dyneema®

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