Reimagining modern mining engineering with Dyneema® DM20 fiber

In 2016, we became part of a (literally) groundbreaking project at a Wyoming mine: installing the world’s first-ever fiber dragline pendants. Produced by our partner Applied Fiber, these main-boom pendants were made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber – a superior solution to steel wire ropes in this critical mining application.

More than eight years later, our custom-engineered low-fatigue grade of fiber has far exceeded expectations. With the Dyneema®-based ropes having surpassed the lifetime of steel alternatives, our fiber has proven itself a global game-changer, capable of helping the mining industry dig into a rich seam of valuable benefits.

Dyneema® enables STRENGTHplus+

Dragline and shovel pendants made with Dyneema® are uniquely strong – and Dyneema®-based pendants are in it for the long haul. In fact, the seven-year inspection in Wyoming found that the ropes not only were still performing at a high level, but also still appeared nearly new.


years of operation


low-range cycles and counting


peak load cycles and counting

Reliably reduced vibrations

Operators might enjoy a great view from the cabin – but they don’t enjoy eight hours of intense vibrations from steel wire pendants. Every shift can have a negative physical impact on the body, as well as causing mental stress.

The good news? Switching to a synthetic boom can make all the difference. Dragline main-boom pendants made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber dramatically reduce the vibrations that are transferred to the cabin – for lower shock force, fewer injuries, and a more pleasant operating experience.

For reliable comfort

  • Greater comfort and safety for operators

  • Significant shock force reduction

  • Greater comfort and safety for operators

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Hitting new heights of operational efficiency

Dyneema®’s unique strength-to-weight ratio is a critical advantage in dragline applications: after all, heavy steel pendants put strain on people and machinery alike in an already-tough mining environment. Thanks to synthetic main-boom pendants made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber, operators enjoy a dramatic weight reduction that, in turn, increases the crane’s payload capacity.

What’s more, lightweight ropes are easier for crews to work with, making handling safer and faster. And they reduce the risk of boom fatigue and cracking, protecting valuable equipment and saving time on maintenance. In short, less weight means more operational efficiency – and in mining, every cycle counts.

For greater efficiency, day after day

  • Huge weight reduction versus steel

  • Lightweight ropes mean increased payload capacity

  • Reduced boom fatigue and cracking

  • Lower installation, maintenance, and replacement costs

  • Easier, safer, faster handling

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Unmatched durability with no end in sight

The downtime needed to maintain or replace steel wire ropes is a headache for the mining industry. But dragline and shovel pendants made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber can ease the pain and boost mines’ performance and cost efficiency.

How? Because, after seven years of operation, the Dyneema®-based ropes have hit a major milestone, exceeding the lifetime of traditional steel alternatives and continuing to perform reliably at a high level. They still look nearly new. They need less maintenance and less frequent replacement. And they’re so easy to install that, when they do need to be replaced, it takes just a fraction of the time.

For greater durability than steel

  • Still performing strongly and looking nearly new after seven years

  • 311 million low-range and 5.8 million peak-load cycles – and counting

  • Less maintenance downtime

  • Faster replacement processes

  • Lower cost of operations, maintenance, and installation

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A more sustainable choice

Sustainability is a hot topic in the world of mining – meaning that every rope, line, and pendant bears the weight of intense scrutiny. Thanks to Dyneema® fiber, manufactured from 100% renewable electricity, mine operators can reduce their carbon footprint with no risk of adverse effects on performance.

And that’s not all: Dyneema®’s low weight enables less energy use in transport and operations, and rope shovels and dragline pendants made with our fiber have a superior service life, delivering greater resource efficiency.

Want to go even greener? Certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), bio-based Dyneema® fiber is the world’s first bio-based HMPE fiber – and it delivers the same proven performance as conventional Dyneema® with a reduced environmental impact.

For a big impact with a small footprint

  • Reliably longer service life enables less resource consumption

  • Low weight means less energy use

  • Bio-based Dyneema® available

Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

We always knew that fiber pendants would last longer than steel by multiple life cycles, but it was impressive to actually see how well they were performing at this historic milestone. Aside from a little bit of dust on the outside of the fiber rope, the pendants looked amazingly like they did on first inspection, with no sign of wear or measured fatigue.

Jim Pumphrey, Vice President Industrial Products, Applied Fiber

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Dyneema®: Delivering unparalleled performance

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Stronger together

At Dyneema®, we work hand in hand with premium partners to manufacture only the highest-quality products using our fibers. Together with Applied Fiber, we co-developed these high-performance dragline pendants to protect against boom fatigue while increasing payload capacity – and the resulting next-generation ropes more than deliver on their promise.

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