Diamond Background

Hand injuries are a risk in any manufacturing environment – but did you know that most workers who suffer these injuries aren’t wearing any protective gloves at all?

That’s because, all too often, operators feel unable to wear their gloves. Either they’re too uncomfortable, they’re not flexible or functional enough for a particular task, or there’s not enough time to put them back on between activities.

In other words, to be truly protective, it’s not enough for gloves to be cut resistant. They must also allow the wearer to carry out any task that arises, while staying comfortable over long periods of time. Ideally, gloves should work as a ‘second skin’, moving right alongside the 27 bones of the hand.

Putting end-users first

The UK-based hand-protection manufacturer Stalsen was set up to address precisely this issue. The company’s core beliefs include putting people at the heart of its work, and never compromising on quality or consistency. Designing for end-users’ needs and challenges is central to its approach – as is the search for proactive partners who share and reinforce Stalsen’s values.

Enter Dyneema®, the ideal expert partner for Stalsen. Our Dyneema® fiber is world renowned as a reliable, flexible, comfortable, and cut-resistant material for gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) – and we’re on hand to provide expert technical support every step of the way.

A diamond-standard solution

Stalsen began working with Dyneema® Diamond Technology in 2020, and has since used it to create several new products. Up to three times more cut-resistant, 40% thinner, and 30% lighter than generic HMPE, Dyneema® Diamond Technology provides excellent functionality, durability, and comfort in Stalsen’s gloves. Plus, there’s the added bonus of touchscreen compatibility – ideal in the modern workplace!

These properties are largely thanks to Dyneema® Diamond Technology’s single-yarn structure, which is significantly thinner than conventional fibers. The thin fibers radiate heat away from the hands for all-day comfort, without compromising on cut protection. This structure allows Stalsen to design gloves with uncompromised reliability and comfort, without using glass, basalt, or steel-fiber reinforcements.

Providing more than ‘just’ protection

The highlight of the Stalsen–Dyneema® collaboration so far? Stalsen’s Rayza RX544 glove: a lightweight, breathable, washable, and touchscreen-compatible product with a cut-level rating of C (TDM) or A3 (ANSI). Throughout the co-development process, we asked, “How can we provide protection that wearers won’t even feel?” To put it another way, the goal was to offer not just protection, but protection that people would want to wear all day, in all situations.

The result is a glove that feels like a second skin, allowing operators to comfortably carry out all their daily tasks. Enabled by Dyneema®, the gloves’ comfort, flexibility, and functionality mean wearers don’t feel the need to take them off, ensuring their hands stay protected at all times.

Dyneema®-based cut-resistant solutions are exactly the helping hand workers need, day in, day out – so creating PPE that feels like an extension of the body is a sure sign that this partnership fits like a glove.

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