Weight, comfort, performance, value … All kinds of key factors need to be carefully balanced in cut-resistant protective knitwear such as gloves, sleeves, and garments. And thanks to Dyneema® Diamond Technology, we’re helping our protective garment partners check all the boxes.

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Fully fit-for-purpose protection

When made with Dyneema®, cut-resistant wearables combine reliable user protection with important cost efficiencies. The Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform is creating new possibilities for personal protective equipment (PPE) thanks to the latest Dyneema® fiber grades: 3G19-330dtex, 6GX19-330dtex BK, and 6GX19-440dtex.

These innovative single-yarn solutions reach ISO 13997 cut-resistance levels B, C, and D (ANSI A2, A3, and A4). And that’s without ancillary reinforcements: adding reinforcements delivers even bigger wins, extending cut resistance to levels E and F (ANSI A5 and A6). As a result, we can deliver the optimum balance of performance and value, for the benefit of our manufacturing partners, licensees, and end-users.

Furthermore, with the black Dyneema® 6GX19-330dtex BK grade, proven mechanical cut protection is joined by superior dirt-masking capabilities.

Key features of Dyneema® 3G19-330dtex, 6GX19-330dtex BK, and 6GX19-440dtex grades

- Based on the proven Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform, with an excellent track record dating back to 2012
- Bio-based versions available, giving cut-resistant wearables a lower carbon footprint with the same highperformance as conventional Dyneema® fibers
- No reinforcements (e.g., fiberglass, basalt, and steel) needed up to level D (ANSI A4) based on EN388:2016 cut-resistant standard
- Consistent built-in cut resistance, unlike generic standard polyethylene fiber
- Available in black (6GX19-330dtex BK grade)
- Enables 30% lighter-weight wearables versus generic standard polyethylene fiber
- Enables thinner gloves for improved dexterity and grip

Making safety more sustainable

All these grades can be made from our bio-based Dyneema® fiber, with feedstocks certified as bio-based via the mass balancing approach. These products play a key role in our sustainability actions, reducing overall carbon emissions and fossil-fuel reliance during manufacturing while ensuring no sacrifices need to be made on performance in the final application. In short, bio-based Dyneema® fiber is the clear choice for protecting people and planet alike.

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We protect Dyneema®, so Dyneema® can protect us

We’re proud to have been granted patents for Dyneema® Diamond Technology in the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region – and we protect our intellectual property when and where it’s challenged or infringed. In China in 2021, for instance, we successfully defended (again) a patent relating to Dyneema® Diamond Technology cut-resistant yarns and products containing them. Any unauthorized, business-purposed act of making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing the patented cut-resistant yarns or products such as gloves containing the cut-resistant yarns in China is an infringement of our patent and can be subject to legal consequences, such as injunction and compensation.

The PPE industry is demanding ever-more fit-for-purpose, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. That makes it all the more important for us to protect our Dyneema® Diamond Technology cut-resistant fiber – so people around the world can keep relying on trusted Dyneema®-based products to keep them safe when it matters.

“Continued challenges against the patent highlight the value of the innovations it protects and its business impact in the market. The recent defense of the patent once again confirms its strength. As a lead innovator in protective materials, we value our intellectual property and have a no-tolerance policy against any infringing acts. Our intellectual property also protects our customers’ and partners’ innovations built on Dyneema® Diamond Technology.” Marcio Manique, Global Business Director, Dyneema®, Avient

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