The ultimate workwear: Dyneema® does the job, so you can do yours

Some workwear is just built different. Apparel made with Dyneema® is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily working life in all kinds of environments – providing superior strength and protection without compromising performance. It’s all thanks to our fibers’ unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, for workwear garments that deliver lightweight strength plus  natural feel and comfort that lasts, shift after shift.

Strength built in

Everyone should get to feel comfortable at work – and then go home safe and sound, every single day. Workwear with Dyneema® is workwear you can depend on. Fifteen times stronger than steel and four times stronger than nylon, weight for weight, our fiber offers unparalleled protection, strength, and durability for daily wear.

By increasing tensile strength and abrasion resistance, Dyneema® fiber makes a big impact: lending excellent strength and durability properties to apparel. This provides an extra buffer against abrasion and general wear and tear, increasing workers’ safety and extending the active lifespan of fabrics. 

The benefits keep on coming. Not only is Dyneema® fiber lightweight and strong; it’s also highly resistant to UV light. The result? Dyneema®-reinforced workwear keeps wearers safe and protected without compromising on comfort, no matter the conditions.

For unrivaled protection in the workplace

  • Significantly increased tensile strength

  • Outstanding abrasion and tear resistance

  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance

  • Able to withstand tough industrial laundering

  • Improved garment longevity

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Comfortably cool

The benefits of Dyneema®-reinforced garments are evident from the first time you wear them: fabric that feels soft, natural, and pleasant to the touch.

And because less protective material is needed to boost strength, Dyneema® means manufacturers can create workwear that’s lighter and less bulky than garments made with traditional technologies – for clothing that’s both cooler and more comfortable.

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the challenge, Dyneema® gives workers the freedom and flexibility they need to perform at their best, throughout one shift and onto the next.

For comfort that counts

  • Improved freedom and flexibility for wearers

  • Soft, natural feel

  • Lighter, cooler clothing

  • Clothing retains aesthetic qualities

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Durability day after day

The best workwear doesn’t just keep people safe today – it keeps them performing at their peak for a lifetime. Dyneema® is designed for durability – in fact, adding just 5% Dyneema® to cotton doubles the tear strength of the resulting blend.

Together with the increase in tensile strength and abrasion resistance, the life of the garment is significantly extended – something that’s key for users of active workwear in demanding conditions. The result is reliable, long-lasting performance (and added peace of mind).

For clothing that’s built to last

  • Superior tear strength and abrasion resistance

  • Able to withstand tough laundering

  • Extended garment life

  • Peace of mind for wearers and purchasers

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Sustainability as standard

Across all industries, today’s applications are expected to address the growing environmental challenge – and apparel is no exception. Enter Dyneema®: with the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength among high-performance fibers, Dyneema® supports the well-being of people and planet alike.

Dyneema®’s superior strength and durability enables workwear that not only requires less material, but also uses fewer resources to produce those materials. This means it lasts longer than fabrics made with traditional technologies, resulting in fewer replacements and precious energy and resource savings.

And because only a small percentage of Dyneema® is needed for a big impact, fabrics containing it dry faster – further reducing energy consumption. 

For workwear that doesn’t cost the earth

  • More performance from less material

  • Durability with fewer replacement

  • Lightweight, for energy-efficient laundering

  • 20% smaller carbon footprint than generic HMPE

  • Bio-based Dyneema® fiber available

Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

We only need to add a small amount of Dyneema® to our fabric to make it much stronger. But the biggest advantage is that it’s super light – that’s key, because we want our garments to offer stretch and flexibility as well as comfort. With Dyneema®, we can give the wearer the same comfort as cotton but with a much higher level of protection.

Daniel Ras, Director of Product, Rokker Workwear

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Stronger together

Our design and manufacturing partners are dedicated to delivering workwear fabric that not only performs better, but also raises the bar for comfort, look, and feel. Just like us, they know the importance of developing solutions with customers and wearers in mind. And, of course, you can count on their full compliance with all local requirements and regulatory standards.

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Design with Dyneema®

Do you design workwear for industrial, construction, or manufacturing applications? Our team would love to get involved. Protective apparel expertise is woven into the fabric of our services – from our global technical centers to our certification advisers – and we’re ready to work with you to develop your ideal performance solutions, using our Dyneema® fiber portfolio.

Design with Dyneema®

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