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Outstanding performance in extreme conditions

As global energy consumption rises, so does demand for gas. LNG tankers ship this valuable – indeed, essential – commodity around the world, in bitterly cold and blisteringly hot temperatures alike.

That’s why countless LNG players put their trust in Dyneema®: the world’s strongest fiber™. Mooring lines made using Dyneema® SK78 fiber are proven to be the most reliable, in any conditions. They perform safely at temperatures from -40°C to 70°C in any sea state, even when high temperatures, high winds, and high currents combine to create challenging conditions.

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Powering next-level productivity

In today’s shipping environment, crews need to safely navigate and moor increasingly large LNG carriers, both in benign conditions and at exposed terminals. Errors and equipment failures put safety at risk, lead to lost time, and incur unnecessary costs.

One simple way to give your operations an all-round advantage? Switching to Dyneema®-based mooring lines. Ropes made with our Dyneema® SK78 fiber aren’t just uniquely strong: they’re 85% lighter than steel wire rope at the same strength. They’re by far the most reliable option, offering three times the fatigue life of generic high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) lines. And they have four times better abrasion resistance and creep life than generic HMPE.

If it sounds good on paper, it means even more in practice. Mooring lines made using Dyneema® SK78 fiber are easier and safer to use than conventional options, cutting time, lowering costs, and reducing damage. Plus, they can be relied on for longer, delivering added lifetime efficiency.

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Reducing the industry’s footprint

Like many others, the LNG industry is looking closely at its sustainability performance. For more sustainable shipping, look no further than mooring lines made with Dyneema® – which delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of all high-performance fibers. Its longer operational life versus other materials means half as many sets of mooring lines are needed for a 20-year vessel lifetime. And on top of that, we’re excited to introduce bio-based Dyneema® fiber, making mooring ropes greener than.

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Over 10 years, lines made with Dyneema® fiber have exceeded our expectations, bringing clear benefits in lifetime performance, efficiency, and safety. We’re delighted to extend our relationship with our partner Avient and to use mooring ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber on even more oil tankers.

Zhao Jin Wen, Vice President of COSCO Shipping Energy

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