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Driving down the cost of decarbonization

At Dyneema®, we’re proud to support the offshore wind energy industry as it works to design, develop, and install the multi-gigawatt windfarm mega-projects we and our planet need. But with years of experience behind us, we know it’s not easy. Building large windfarms that enjoy stable winds and that can’t be seen from the shore often means constructing multiple units in offshore areas that lack the necessary infrastructure.

Thanks to our strong understanding of the key cost drivers in FOWT fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance, our expert engineers at Dyneema® are designing more efficiency into every phase of the floating offshore wind project life cycle. In turn, our fibers help drive down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) – and accelerate the all-important renewables transition.

Design with Dyneema®

Designing cost-efficient floating wind energy requires a shift in approach – toward lightweight designs using synthetic materials that can lower the levelized cost of energy.

So make sure your floating windfarm is set up for success with Dyneema®’s design support for offshore wind energy projects. Whatever your requirements and challenges, our specialists can collaborate with you on your (ultra-)deep-water project. Our tools help designers develop the optimal floating system, benefiting from the unique material properties of the world’s strongest fiber™ – and our engineers are available to advise you when making key design choices.

Design with Dyneema®
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Dyneema®: Designed for efficiency

In ambitious offshore projects, the costs can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why many in the floating wind energy industry already rely on low-weight, high-performance, long-lasting solutions made with Dyneema® fiber.

Dyneema® delivers STRENGTHplus+

  • 85% lighter weight than steel for easier, faster, safer handling
  • Predictable longevity
  • Performance-driven retirement criteria
  • Support from our engineers
  • Only HMPE fiber suitable for permanent moorings
  • The lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber

Making green energy even greener

Lightweight. Durable. Low carbon footprint. Dyneema® fiber is helping to make giant offshore windfarm projects even more sustainable. Want to go further? Try bio-based Dyneema® fiber, the world’s first-ever bio-based UHMWPE, made from renewable feedstock using the mass balance approach.

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With the strong engineering support of Dyneema®, we’re able to optimize our system to benefit from lightweight technologies.

Henrik Stiesdal, Founder & CTO, Stiesdal

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Want to know more about the benefits of Dyneema® fiber in offshore energy applications? Our specialists are on hand to share their expertise and advice with you.

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  • Co-engineered solutions to help lower your LCOE
  • Design optimization for floating windfarms
  • Techniques and technologies that meet your specific requirements
  • Cost-reduction assessments and strategies
  • Solutions to reduce future maintenance and replacement costs

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