Top protection from head to toe

The lightweight performance of Dyneema® provides full body protection on the road to victory.

Ergonomic race jersey

Abrasion- and tear-resistant bib shorts

Lightest cycling shoes ever made

Anti-abrasion gravel racing skinsuit

Frame construction featuring Dyneema® fiber

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The gold standard in abrasion evasion

Crashes are an inevitable part of elite cycling – but with Dyneema® present in racewear, the biggest fall is the risk of nasty grazes and damaged gear. That’s because Dyneema® is built to withstand even the most demanding applications, from mooring lines on stormy seas to bulletproof vests. Compared to these, it’s more than a match for a slide across asphalt.

The thinly woven Dyneema® fibers in a cycling jersey protect the skin from abrasion, with some Tour de France jerseys offering complete protection against abrasions up to 60 km/h when combined with a protective base layer. When you also consider its excellent performance against cuts and punctures, it’s no surprise that the world’s most elite cycling teams put the world’s strongest fiber™ at the heart of their racewear design.

Lightweight strength for top performance

In addition to being the world’s strongest fiber™, Dyneema® is light enough to float on water. With this unrivaled combination of strength and low weight, designers can craft ultra-strong gear that maintains the comfort, low weight, and aerodynamics that cyclists need to gain a competitive edge

For example, when Team DSM (now Team dsm-firmenich) developed its next-generation sprint suit with Dyneema® fiber back in 2022, it achieved the best of both worlds: a new benchmark in aerodynamics and speed alongside enhanced protection and abrasion resistance for riders.

Dyneema®’s ultra-low weight also makes it ideal for cycling shoes, such as the Specialized S-Works EXOS road shoe. Weighing just 150 grams, the upper is made from Dyneema® to achieve its incredible lightweight effect.

As the key ingredient in these game-changing innovations, Dyneema® makes the tradeoff between strength, speed, and safety a thing of the past. Designers can tick all three boxes at once. 

Taking the race offroad

Dyneema® isn’t just a driving force in the world of road cycling; it plays an equally important role in gravel biking and other offroad pursuits.

In 2023, Nopinz released a skinsuit that combines aerodynamic performance with the toughness required for gravel riding, including hip panels with Dyneema® for added abrasion resistance.

The previous year, TIME Bicycles achieved an industry first by developing the ADHX all-road and fast gravel bike, with Dyneema® reinforcing the frame and helping to overcome the brittleness associated with convectional carbon bikes. Now, the question is: who’s going to build something even cooler using Dyneema®?

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Supporting sustainable innovation

Dyneema® is unique for more than its strength and weight; it’s also the most sustainable high-performance fiber on the market.

For starters, all cycling equipment made with Dyneema® uses bio-based Dyneema® fiber, which carries a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber. And thanks to Dyneema®’s durability, products last longer, reducing waste and lowering costs over time.

In addition, 100% of the electricity used in our manufacturing comes from renewable sources.

Through these efforts and more, we ensure that Dyneema® has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of any high-performance fiber. For brands looking to satisfy rising consumer demands for planet-friendly products, Dyneema® takes their sustainability progress up a gear.

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It’s really nice to have Dyneema® in our clothing because it’s proven time and time again that it really is protective in crashes. Falling off your bike is never nice, but if you wear Dyneema like we do, you’ll have fewer abrasions through the fabric, which saves you a lot more energy for the rest of the grand tour!

Chris Hamilton, Team dsm-firmenich

This material, being ridiculously light yet strong enough to make a performance shoe, is one of the things that makes the SW EXOS and EXOS 99 so special. It means we can shed weight without sacrificing the hold on the foot.

Stephen Quay, Footwear Category Manager, Specialized

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