It’s been over a decade since Hyperlite Mountain Gear founder Mike St. Pierre began using the lightweight strength of Dyneema® to craft the world’s best backcountry equipment. Since then, our partnership’s gone from strength to strength – literally. Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s latest groundbreaking innovation uses the power of Dyneema® to meet the needs of Nepal’s seasoned mountaineering experts.

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Answering a call from the Sherpas

It’s safe to say Ang Tshering Lama knows a thing or two about high-altitude mountaineering. From a Tamang/Sherpa ethnic group in Nepal, Ang merged his engineering background with his passion for nature, and devoted his career to guiding and climbing. He can now look back on three decades of experience scaling the world’s most difficult and dangerous peaks – and three decades of experience with the gear needed to reach the summits …

“I’ve carried so many different backpacks in my thirty-year career,” Ang says, “but most of them are so heavy, and my knees are getting weaker! I look for innovation and reliability in my gear, which is what led me to Hyperlite Mountain Gear's backpacks, reinforced by Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.”

Ang’s journey with Hyperlite Mountain Gear began after a knee injury, when he recognized the paramount importance of lightweight yet durable gear in the world's most demanding high-altitude environments. His first Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack, used on an Everest expedition in 2017, proved an absolute game-changer.

And he wasn’t the only one enjoying the superior comfort and durability of the Ice Pack range. Many more climbers were switching to the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ice Pack when tackling high-altitude mountains. Even so, it soon became clear that elite climbers needed a backpack even more specialized for scaling the highest peaks – suitable for carrying everything from food and tents to oxygen tanks.

At high altitude, every kilo counts

After all, pro mountaineers carefully select their gear to ensure safety and success in the most challenging terrains. That means specialized attire for extreme weather, as well as helmets for head protection and harnesses for climbing. Packed alongside these safety essentials are crampons and ice axes for traction, lightweight stoves for cooking, first-aid kits for emergencies, and navigation tools like compasses and GPS trackers. For long climbs, explorers will add high-energy snacks and hydration systems to an already heavy load.

Weight is pivotal: every kilogram matters during steep ascents and high-altitude treks. Lightweight backpacks mean thrill-seeking pros can save every kilo for the crucial resources they need. And that’s exactly what Hyperlite provides: minimizing strains on the body, conserving energy for the climb, and powering climbers to the summit.

Reaching new heights with the Halka 55 and 70 backpacks

When Ang reached out to the Hyperlite Mountain Gear R&D team, “they were excited by the challenge of building backpacks suitable for the biggest mountains.” Sure enough, the most daring climbers in the world joined forces with Hyperlite Mountain Gear to help produce a backpack like no other – and in 2024, the Halka (meaning “light” in Nepali) was launched.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s Halka 55- and 70-liter backpacks are tailor made for high-altitude mountaineering.

The foundational material is a hybrid blend of 150-denier Dyneema® face fabric, leveraging the unique benefits of the world’s strongest fiber™. Meanwhile, high-wear areas are reinforced with 375-denier fully woven Dyneema® face fabric, for ultimate protection and reliability. But that’s not all: the Halka 55 also has integrated capacity for carrying an oxygen tank, while the Halka 70 offers external pockets for two oxygen tanks.

In other words, when it matters most, climbers can count on an Everest-worthy blend of ultra-lightweight strength, immense resilience, and lifesaving design.

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On a big mountain, we have everything from our shelter, food, and fuel to climbing equipment and personal gear in our packs. To get it all in, the pack has to be versatile, strong, and light in weight. Working with the Hyperlite Mountain Gear R&D team was great: they knew exactly what I wanted this pack to be.”

Ang Tshering Lama, expert mountaineer

Limitless ambition made possible with Dyneema®

Precious loads and extreme conditions require reliable, durable backpacks made with exceptional materials and innovative R&D. No wonder Hyperlite Mountain Gear chooses Dyneema® Composite Fabrics to help its products revolutionize the mountaineering industry – and that climbers like Ang rely on the Halka to see them safely through the world’s toughest expeditions.

Boundless bravery. Peak performance. All made possible with the world’s strongest fiber™.

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