Dyneema® paragliding lines hit new heights: Maximum break strength at minimum diameter

Exploring the seas or skies is an experience like no other – and deserves equipment that soars above the rest.

In small-diameter lines, strength and weight hold the key to performance. Whether they’re kitesurfing or paragliding, users need to trust the equipment in their hands, knowing that it’s stronger, lighter, and more responsive than the closest alternative.

Dyneema®’s unique strength-to-weight ratio, ultra-lightness, and other performance-enhancing properties make it the natural choice for thrill-seekers and professionals looking for the confidence to push further.

Dyneema® enables  STRENGTHplus+

As the world’s strongest fiber™, Dyneema® delivers unrivaled safety and reliability – unique characteristics that set it apart from conventional materials like generic HMPE and polyester fibers. With Dyneema® SK99 fiber, kiters and paragliders enjoy an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, packaged in an extremely low-diameter line.

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Control you can count on

There are many reasons why the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturers choose Dyneema® fiber. One of the biggest? The way it enables superior responsiveness and control. That’s because elastic elongation (stretch) has a major bearing on performance. In kitesurfing or paragliding lines, stretch is caused by wind – and the greater the stretch, the greater the potential drag, making it harder to steer.

For ultimate control

  • Less drag than alternative solutions

  • 10x less stretch than alternatives with a PES-based core

  • Safer and more enjoyable experience

  • Improved responsiveness means better steering

Reducing weight while lifting performance

Whether you’re surfing across rolling waves or gliding several kilometers above the ground, every gram of weight counts. Fifteen times stronger than steel, weight for weight, Dyneema® fiber helps to significantly reduce weight and bulk in sports applications like paragliding and kitesurfing lines – a critical factor in driving power and performance.

What’s more, paragliding lines made with Dyneema® provide maximum breaking strength for the lowest diameter. That means not only superior safety and reliability, but also superior smoothness – making lines easier to handle and more comfortable to use.

For lines that lead the way on weight

  • Lighter than steel, polyester, and generic HMPE at the same breaking load

  • No water absorption keeps ropes light

  • Enhanced stability and speed

  • Less bulk means added comfort and control

Reliable paragliding and kitesurfing lines that last longer

In sports like paragliding and kitesurfing, reliable equipment is non-negotiable. For athletes to tackle challenging conditions with confidence, kitesurfing and paraglider lines must be built to last – so they (and their users) can keep performing at their peak, time after time.

Dyneema®’s superior abrasion resistance, matched by its excellent aging and bending properties, enables manufacturers to develop ropes and lines that withstand the harshest conditions and most intense windspeeds.

The result is longer product lifetimes at a high level of performance – plus, of course, the peace of mind that comes from reliable, durable equipment. What’s more, Dyneema® repels water and dirt and is highly resistant to humidity and UV radiation. All this is why lines made with our fibers stand the test of time while others don’t.

For durability in even the toughest environments

  • Outperforms other fibers in standardized aging tests

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Less frequent replacements enable cost savings

  • No water absorption

  • Repels dirt and salt

  • Resistant to UV and IR radiation

Protecting the great outdoors

Enjoying the natural world starts with respecting it. With the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength of all high-performance fibers, Dyneema® is a more sustainable choice for sporting lines.

For one thing, 100% of the electricity we use to make Dyneema® fiber comes from renewable sources, leading to a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared with generic HMPE ropes.

But that’s not all: Dyneema® also decreases material use by enabling longer service lifetimes for equipment. And by opting for bio-based Dyneema® fiber, manufacturers can reduce their footprint by up to 90% compared with generic HMPE – helping to meet their environmental targets while still benefiting from the same world-leading characteristics of conventional Dyneema®.

For high-adrenaline experiences with a lower environmental footprint

  • Less material use thanks to longer service lifetimes

  • Lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE ropes

  • Bio-based Dyneema® fiber available

Looking for the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

Experience the rush

Dyneema® SK99 fiber and Liros® PPSLS lines give paragliders the flight of a lifetime.

Kitesurfing and paragliding line suppliers and partners

At Dyneema®, we collaborate with our network of trusted manufacturing partners, ensuring all sports lines made with Dyneema® fiber climb well above the competition. We enable our partners to develop lightweight, durable, precision-response ropes that help kiters and paragliders reach new heights of performance.

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Lines made with Dyneema® fiber are available from our trusted partners across the globe.

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